8 December 2018

REVIEW: Satisfyer Men Vibration

Good vibrations...

Oh yeah, it's your favourite thing ever - a Test Pit sex toy review! You bloody love these, don't you? Happily reading away as we try to explain what we thought about a gadget intended to make you climax. All alone. Or with a friend, if you like. Anyway, hold onto your synonyms for 'climax' as we check out the Satisfyer Men Vibration.

If the name rings a bell it's because we recently reviewed the Satisfyer Men, a completely non-electronic sex toy that aptly replicates the feel and sensation of a lady's front bottom. This version, however, has added the 'Vibration' to the name, and with good cause.

You see, the Satisfyer Men Vibration is still very much something you stick your dick into, but without the authentic vaginal texture. No, this one accommodates just the tip of a penis while cycling through different frequencies of vibrations. The marketing (once again featuring Italian porn star Rocco Siffreddi) claims the sensation "feels just like a blow job. Only better". Mmm...

This is a bit of weird one. Whereas the original Satisfyer Men was very simply designed to be a 'pussy in a pot', the Vibration is a little more vague about what sensations it will deliver. For a start, the depth of the hole is just seven centimetres, so you'll only be able to insert the end of your dong. Just like the Hot Octopus Pulse III Duo it is then the vibrations that cause the orgasm, not the sensation of 'in out, in out'.

As a result, it really isn't that thrilling. To be honest, it isn't clear what the user needs to do. Do you... y'know... pump it? Or do you simply stay still and ride the waves? The penis entrance is made from a silicone-like material, unlike the rest of the plastic device, so feels like you should be able to squeeze yourself a bit. Instead, the Satisfyer Men Vibration was quite uncomfortable.

Discomfort on your cock isn't something that is going to expedite an orgasm, unless you're into that. Therefore we can't admit to totally enjoying it. It might be a personal thing: if you go crazy having admittedly strong and varied vibrations (there are 14 different settings to try) on the head of your penis, you'll love this. Possibly.

But those sex toy fans who have discovered the more sex-like sensations of the likes of the original Satisfyer Men, this new version might leave you feeling wholly unsatisfied.


Visit www.satisfyer.com

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