31 March 2018

REVIEW: Hot Octopus Pulse III Duo

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So... you okay? Good, good. Us? Oh y'know... nay bad. By the way, we're about to review another sex toy. That okay with you? And, unlike the ones we've written about in the past, this one has been designed for male use. Or rather, 'penis use', what with this review going live on the Day of Transgender Visibility. Yep, this is a gadget for your dick. We check out the Hot Octopus Pulse III Duo.

Before you panic, the Hot Octopus part of the name refers to the name of the manufacturer: this thing does not get hot, nor does it involve having sex with an eight-limb sea creature. Phew. What it is, is a masturbator sex toy that can also be used by couples, that boasts a remote control. For extra sexy fun.

The main body of the toy, which is shaped differently to the earlier Pulse III, is made from a waterproof, soft-touch silicone. Looking at the images, you might be able to guess where your knob goes. There is a on/off button to the left, and a + and - button to the right that control the intensity of the vibrations. There is a charging plate at the base, which uses an included magnetic USB connector, and the remote is a simple one button affair.

Hot Octopus claim that the oscillating PulsePlate, the vibrating bit on which the penis sits, can take you to climax without even having an erection. That sounds interesting for those with erectile problems, and also as a kind of challenge.

First up, you will need some lube to use this, especially because you will, invariably, what to "stroke" with it. That, combined with the vibrations from the PulsePlate, make for a unique sensation, the likes of which you'll probably have never felt before. Honestly, popping yourself into the Hot Octopus Pulse III Duo and switching it on will get you tuned on in mere seconds. And hey, it doesn't look like a fake vagina! Bonus.

The Duo part of the name highlights the fact that it can be used as a foreplay toy for couples. As well as the oscillating plate for the willy, the underside of the Pulse III vibrates too, allowing you to get it between you and your significant other, be they male or female. These extra vibrations can't be switched off, so if you're using it by yourself you'll be holding that same vibrating underside as you 'get the job done'. This felt a bit weird, and we were also surprised at how loud it was. This is not something you could use while your partner sleeps next to you. Unless they're into that.

The inclusion of the remote is interesting. It allows someone else to control the intensity of the vibrations, so while it is wrapped around your wang, your partner can decide the sensations you receive without having to touch. This can be done from across the room, so if you're into kinky stuff, you could include the Hot Octopus Pulse III Duo into the sordid mix.

This thing is easy and discreet to carry around (or stash in a bedside drawer), charges quickly, and provides an extremely intense and unique sensation. For solo play, it'll be a wank unlike any other, but also with a 'special friend', the Hot Octopus Pulse III Duo could spice things up no end.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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