20 December 2018

FEATURE: Christmas Gift Guide 2019

It's Christmas!

Isn't it just? Hopefully you're all set for the upcoming festive fun, but should you be lacking in one or two choice gifts for choice friends, we're here to offer some expert advice. As ever, our Christmas Gift Guide is a random mix of tech and toys to suit many different ages and kinds of people. But if they're your friends, we're guessing their awesome. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

Hayes YT-1300 Millennium Falcon Owners Workshop Manual

Hayes are back at it again, creating a huge look into one of the universe's best known star ships. Just like a normal Hayes manual, which might show you how to change the oil on a Vauxhall Zafira, the YT-1300 manual details every last drop of technical info about the fictional ship... and more to boot.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

Edifier MP200 Bluetooth Speaker

Traditionally known for creating powerful (and large) book shelf speakers, Edifier here go for tiny, portable and easy to use. The MP200 is rugged, sounds good, and is splash proof making it a perfect outdoor adventure speaker.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

Robo Chameleon

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a robotic chameleon that can snatch objects with an extending tongue, right? This fun bot features colour-changing LEDs, the ability to catch its own food, and was voted 'Best in Show' on How to Spend it well at Christmas. Ooo.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

GP Batteries 15000 mAh Power Bank

At a whopping 15,000 mAh this is the biggest portable gadget charger we've ever tested. This beast can do a hell of a lot, from charge (and be charged by) USB-C, as well as two dedicated USB charging ports and a battery level indicator light. This is great.


Available from uk.gpbatteries.com


For young fans of robots AND creepy crawlies, go for the HEXBUG Scarab robotic beetle. It will scuttle around on the floor and even flip itself over should it fall on its back. It's kinda gross, but also kinda amazing to watch.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

Power Action Pikachu

If the upcoming Detective Pikachu has a youngster you know excited, consider this fun thing to brighten their Christmas morning. Pikachu here can talk, move around, and even light up... while still be a big cuddly softie.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

STAX Hybrid Light-up Fire Truck

The light-up LEGO-compatible building system has impressed us in the past, and this set features both the electronic glowing bricks, with a sound system and standard parts. Build the intended Fire Truck (nee naw!) or go freestyle and make something total random.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

The LEGO Book

Speaking of LEGO... if you're a fan of the classic toy system, or you'd like to learn more and see older sets, this is the book for you. From DK Books, this thick tone details the history of LEGO, its greatest hits, and all the themes ever released. Oh, and it comes with an exclusive LEGO brick. Nice.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

Michael Phelps Swim Rings

The beach might be a no-go at this time of year, but that shouldn't stop young swimmers from hitting the indoor pool. If so, give them these cool pool toys from Michael Phelps; two chunky, grab-able rings in bright colours, perfect for hands of all ages to hold.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

Nokia 3310

You might think of this as a weird gift, but the re-released Nokia 3310 is both popular and handy... even in our smartphone-filled world. The cheap handset will appeal to phone nostalgia lovers, while also serving as a useful back-up or emergency device. With Snake. Snake!


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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