19 June 2022

REVIEW: Apollo Phaze Mountain Bike

It's a Phaze you're going through...

As passionate cyclists here at The Test Pit, we tend to get fully bogged down in what we've come to call 'Expensive-itis'. Basically, that's a disease which leads you to think that something can only be good if it's dead expensive - especially bikes. Well, we've been fully disabused of that notion since testing the Phaze Mountain Bike from Apollo.

The main headline here has to be the price. Currently available at Halfords at a Father's Day-pleasing cost of only £195, the Apollo Phaze represents cycling accessibility at it's very best. This full-frame mountain buke, with bells and whistles we didn't expect at that price, we were exceptionally surprised at just how good this thing is, and less than £200! Damn.

This adult men's mountain bike comes in three frame sizes; 14, 17 and 20 Inches. We opted for the larger 20 inches, and the electric blue colour, contrasted by the black handlebars, seat, forks and tyres looks great.

Those front forks feature suspension as standard, with 60mm of travel. The tyres are a truly beefy width, set on 27.5 inch wheels. Grip is no issue, and we certainly had no reservations taking this thing out onto rough terrain. Helping that adventure is an 18-speed Shimano gear set, with twist grip adjustment, and a fully aluminium frame, so you can pick it up should you need to.

The ride is very smooth and comfortable. We're usually road bike riders here, so the change in handlebar width, tyre thickness and (let's face, road bike users) comfortable seat took a couple of hours to get used to do. Once we did, we revelled in the ride, enjoying quick acceleration and a stable, safe experience.

Still, the thing that struck us most was the price. If you've got it into your head that a decent mountain bike has to cost in excess of £1000, you're wrong. The Apollo Phaze proves that you can get something sturdy, reliable and fun, without having break the bank. As we were reviewing this around Father's Day obviously that stuck in our heads as a great way to get your dad off his arse and out onto the hills. £200 might be more than you'd usually spend for Father's Day, but as gifts for guys go, this is wonderful.

So, we've had a our minds completely changed about what a proper bike should cost. The Apollo Phaze has shown us that you can get into cycling on a budget, and do so in style.

From £195

Available from hwww.halfords.com

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