20 September 2021

7 Ways To Use Technology In Your Small Business

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In the twenty-first century, technology can be both a blessing and a curse. However, just like with several other areas of life, it is up to individual people to decide whether or not to use technology in a good way or not. 


The contemporary age also brings with it a competitive edge. In this competitive age, using technology as a kind of assistance to improve your business abilities and prospects can be a fantastic approach to growing and enhancing what you are already doing. 


On top of this, technology is also cheap, easy, and cost-effective, making it ideal for small companies that are just getting started. Read on to discover some of the way best ways you can use technology in your small business. 



Connect With People 

One of the most valuable aspects of technology is that it offers the capacity to interact and connect with others at the touch of a button. More adults all over the world are turning to technology to make connections, whether that's reconnecting with old school friends or finding new friends with the same hobbies. 


Technology has become an essential and valuable component of not just a person's personal life, but also of their business. Technology is an excellent tool for communicating with customers and workers. This is why it's so crucial for business owners to ensure their mobile network is the right one, otherwise this kind of connectivity just isn't going to be possible, and that will have a negative knock-on effect on productivity.


Improve Marketing Tactics 

Regardless of the kind of company that a person is starting, no matter what sector or niche it might be in, certain marketing strategies are always going to be required. Marketing is what ensures (when done right) the growth of the company, so you can't ignore it. With the advancement of technology, it's become more accessible than ever to develop the right kind of marketing tactics to help the business get noticed and succeed. 


For example, there is software available to help in the development of a dependable and strong business plan. Plus, building a company website is a great way to create a business that people want to buy from; building a website can go a long way to improving your website since it provides a microscopic picture of how the business runs and what it stands for, not to mention the fact that it can generate money. With that in mind, technology can help here too; there are many website builder tools available to assist small businesses in creating a website that they can use to promote their brand.


Use Social Media 

Harnessing the power of social media via digital marketing is a simple but successful strategy for growing a small company, and it is all about technology. The days of physically advertising a company are long gone, and now, if you're not using social media, you're falling behind your competitors. 


With the spread of the internet to every corner of the globe, it is much simpler to deal with advertisements and promotions through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and many other similar platforms. Using the power of internet marketing is a must for all businesses. Increase your marketing potential by advertising and marketing your company online, and make it easy for yourself by using the incredibly intuitive social media marketing options available. It is also beneficial to have an online customer care page to assist consumers with any questions and/or issues. In this way, you can show that you are a caring company and that you are there when needed. 


Remote Working 

Something that must be taken into consideration when you are growing your business is the hard work and skill sets of the workers you employ. This can be a problem. Imagine if you needed to hire some great new employees, but the best people for the job lived on the other side of the country, or even in a different country altogether. What do you do? Do you move your entire operation to accommodate these workers? Or do you choose different employees who aren't the people you want to help in your business, no matter how good they might be? Either way, it's not ideal. 


There is, of course, another option, and one that you might already be using. It's remote working. In this way, you can choose absolutely the best people for the job, no matter where they might actually live. Even if they want to travel and work at the same time, you can still employ them. You'll need to ensure your technological tools are the most up to date and easy to use, and you'll need to make sure that your employees are set up in the right way too, for the best productivity levels. 


If remote working is something that will enhance your business, even if not every employee uses it, then it's certainly something to consider. In the past, it would have been a challenge, sometimes impossible, to set this way of working up so that it did actually benefit everyone, but today that isn't something you need to worry about; technology has made remote working extremely easy to put in place. 


Productivity Tools

When establishing a small business, it is generally assumed that business owners must hire a lot of different people to fulfil all the roles within the company. Either that, or they'll have to do everything themselves. The first option is expensive and could sink the business before it has a chance to become anything, and the second is difficult as there is already a lot to do within the business; adding more (especially jobs that you may not be entirely sure about how to do well) to your schedule could also lead to failure because you might burn out or decide that it's too hard to run a small business altogether. For example, utilizing software and deciding to audit the tech stack of your frontline team is crucial in reducing manager burnout, optimizing workflow and ultimately improving performance. Gathering these insights can help identify improvements, goals, and help you strive for success within your business.


For many small business owners, the first option is simply not possible; there won't be enough money, plus you won't quite know what is needed just yet. The second option, although not ideal, is certainly something that many business owners attempt. We've mentioned that there is a risk of burnout, but technology – used correctly – can prevent this. Technology, this time in the form of productivity tools, can help you to partition out the various elements of running your business (such as IT, accounting, marketing, customer service, and so on) and allow you to allocate the right amount of time and resources to them.

It's still not ideal, but as a temporary measure, it will undoubtedly help. On top of this, when you do start to be able to hire people, you can input their information into the productivity tech you're utilizing, and they will immediately be able to take over from where you left off. In terms of physical space in which to work and create, you'll have to handle your leases, so consider EZLease for your lease accounting.


Technology To Help With Security 

Aside from the many advantages of utilizing technology for small business owners, the most important is how it affects corporate security. You can use technology to prevent hackers from gaining access to your network and systems, stealing information, or doing untold damage to your reputation and your business finances. 


You can use firewalls, password wallets, and antivirus technology that will ensure you are as protected as possible from cybercriminals. You can also use specific e-commerce technology to help your customers feel more at ease using your site, giving them peace of mind that their identity and finances will be kept safe if they spend money with you. 


Another excellent piece of technology that might even be the best thing you can use when you are looking at what tech to use to help keep your business secure is cloud computing. Cloud computing means you are saving documents and important, sensitive information away from your physical server or computer network, whether you go for a hybrid, public, private or multi-cloud management system. It is accessible from anywhere for this with the right login details, but if your network were to be hacked, no cybercriminal would have access to the most important information. Your business would probably survive.


Provide Better Customer Service 

If there is a lifeline in any company, it is the customers, clients, and investors who put their time, energy, and money into it. As a result, it's critical to take excellent care of these customers, clients, and investors. It should be a priority to ensure that they are completely happy and content with the services they are receiving from you and your small business. 


No matter how good the company strategy might be, it will fail in the long term if it does not offer the very best customer service to everyone. As previously said, this can be accomplished through using social media to a company owner's benefit. Make it a habit to speak to your consumers and guide them through any issues or challenges they might be experiencing with your company. In this situation, using social media to interact with the targeted consumers is very beneficial. The better your customer service, the better your reputation, and the better your reputation, the more successful you will be. 

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