28 August 2020

Four Best Productivity Tools and Apps


Downloadable software and cloud-based applications were already a necessity for businesses, even before Covid-19 changed the way we do nearly everything. Thus, every top-notch software engineering company regarded developing automation and productivity tools as a mandate. However, as of now in 2020, they are more important than ever before to keep businesses going as smoothly as possible in a mostly remote environment. According to this, the experts of sumatosoft.com highlight the importance of it. It is crucial to have a proper launch and develop the app concept and development strategy that takes into account your business processes and reflects long-term goals. With that perspective in mind, today we are going to focus on four productivity boosters that were developed to help maximize time and work output.

Microsoft 365

Why Microsoft decided to change the name to Microsoft 365 from Office 365 is beyond us, but they are essentially the same thing. Working in any office environment without the basic office tools like Excel, Word and PowerPoint is impossible at worst, or a hassle at best. There are alternatives out there of course, but they are not at par with MS Office.

Given that pretty much everyone has a basic idea regarding what the various office tools do, let’s concentrate on what makes 365 better than previous versions of Office:

  • Constantly updated, patched, secured and improved for better features and enterprise-grade security

  • Ability to work across multiple platforms seamlessly and simultaneously on the same document boosts productivity tremendously

Although the Android tablet and especially the iPad versions need a lot of work, it works stably with a fair bit of reliability on all desktop grade operating systems like Windows and MacOSRead more about Office 365 Cloud Migration and SharePoint Migration Online.


TimeTackle plays a crucial role in incorporating automation into a company’s work schedule. After extracting data from the company’s scheduled work calendar, it saves the data as a CSV file, and then automates the entire workflow, as scheduled in the extracted data. Certain other productive functions served by TimeTackle are as follows:

  • Collection and analysis of data regarding how time is being spent by each member of the team

  • Suggestion regarding how time allocation can be improved to see better productivity from the team or yourself

  • Enables users to derive and send invoices from the calendar data, where applicable

TeamViewer 5

A good number of remote desktop sharing software solutions have been developed both before and after TeamViewer first came into existence, and most of those early introductions did not last long. TeamViewer, on the other hand, has kept improving the core software with better features and improved security with each new iteration. If you are looking for a reliable, proven solution for the following, then TeamViewer 5 with its complete set of features won’t disappoint you:

  • Advanced and secured remote desktop sharing with every feature that any business may ask for

  • Online video conferences and meetings are supported natively

  • An easy to use, but aesthetic interface with surprisingly powerful features such as multi-monitor support

  • Completely free for noncommercial users, which provides companies with an opportunity to try it out before buying

  • Intricate and reliable, enterprise-level security for business users

  • One-time payment ($749) for business users, something that is unheard of in this era of recurring subscriptions


Kanbanize is similar to Trello, but it is much more fleshed out in its adoption of the classic Japanese productivity boosting method. It employs the same concept of visualizing the workflow on a Kanban board, but with improved features made possible by the digital platform. Kanbanize is an excellent project management tool for teams who can benefit from a transparent platform that keeps everything in the workflow transparent, making it easier to detect bottlenecks as soon as they pop up, blocking the workflow somewhere.

This is a decent list for sure, but there is always room for further inclusions, since this was not customized for any particular industry. Nevertheless, most of the tools mentioned here are universally useful as they aim to boost productivity by speeding up the core online business processes.

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