17 September 2021

REVIEW: Melitta Epour Electronic Filter Coffee Machine

When it rains...

It's been a criminally long time since we tested any new coffee tech. That surprised us to collectively realise, being a bunch of caffeine fiends who can't function until after at least one cup of Joe. So when Melitta got in touch saying they've reinvented the way we can make filter coffee, we dived right in. We check out the Melitta Epour Electronic Filter Coffee Machine.

Typically filter coffee machines tend not to use the word electronic or the letter 'E' in their names. Traditionally simple machines, filter coffee makers do just that; use a paper filter to pass hot water through grounds to make the clear, crema-less standard black coffee. It really isn't rocket science. Until now.

The Melitta Epour Electronic Filter Coffee Machine rethinks the way a standard filter machine works, improving all the functions to make it as effective and reliable as a bean-to-cup machine... without kicking your bank account in the nuts.

The device, which comes in slick black & chrome or black & gold (whish we were sent), is as compact as a modern coffee pod machine. It features a removable water tank on the rear, an included glass coffee pot below, and a pull-out filter holder into which you slide your filter papers. Melitta include ten filters with the machine, but we heartily recommend you pick up more with your purchase - they're only about £3 for 100!

Fill the water tank, pop in a filter, and pour in your grounds. The touch controls on the base of the device allow you to activate 'bloom' mode, which means the grounds are moistened prior to the filter starting. This causes the coffee to expand, apparently, eventually improving surface area and taste.

Once the water starts pouring through, you'll see the real game-changing function of the Melitta Epour. The water nozzle rotates 360 degrees, ensuring as much of the coffee gets soaked as possible. This eliminates the 'straight down the hole' problem of conventional filter machines, where the falling water pools at the base of the filter, missing the vast majority of the grounds. 

It's great to watch, and as soon as it starts you get that amazing coffee aroma right away. The coffee pot also features a valve, so when you pull it free of the machine to pour your brew into the cup, no coffee drips will fall onto the heating panel below, reducing mess. When you've poured, you replace the pot, the valve opens, and the rest of the coffee can drip through, while the pot is kept warm. Awesome.

The Melitta Epour Electronic Filter Coffee Machine ensures the water temperature is just right for the perfect cup (between 92 and 96 degrees), and all the removable components can be popped in the dishwater. That makes it reliable and easy to keep running.

We absolutely love this thing, and even if you're not a traditional fan of standard black filter coffee, it's perfect for brewing up a pot to share with up to eight friends at a time. It's compact, fast to brew, and the resulting coffee tastes great. High five, Melitta.


Visit www.melitta.co.uk

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