20 December 2019

FEATURE: Christmas Gift Guide 2019 #6

One final push

The big day is almost upon us, so let's have one final push of awesome things you can buy for loved ones this Christmas. A mixed bag, this last gift guide of the year features something for pretty much everyone, so delve in and enjoy. Merry Christmas!

Harry Potter Training Wands

Harry Potter Training Wands

The merchandise juggernaut that is Harry Potter is still going strong, especially at Christmas. We were sent a fun electronic wand which lets kids practice spells thanks to an included guide. The wand can detect motion, and will score the littles on how well they perform each spell. We were sent the Hermione Granger version, but Harry, Dumbledore, and Voldemort's wands are also available - and can interact with each other.

Lots of fun, realistically styled, and offering lots of play scope, this is an excellent stocking filler.


Visit www.amazon.co.uk

Dr Organic Manuka Honey Moisture Gift Set

Dr Organic Manuka Honey Moisture Gift Set

It wouldn't be Christmas without something of a random beauty gift set to bestow upon a loved one (or awkward female friend you struggle to shop for). This set from Dr Organic is great as it combines a few of their well known Manuka Honey products, and pops them in a giftable bag. It contains a rescue cream, skin lotion, and hand & nail cream. All these products would typically weigh in at around £25 in Holland & Barrett, but the gift set is yours for only £18.

Perfect to fill a present hole, or even to drop a little treat for yourself under the tree, we urge you to check it out.


Visit www.hollandandbarrett.com

Masha - Electronic Potato Masher

Masha - Electronic Potato Masher

Yep, that's right: this is a handheld kitchen utensil designed just for mashing potatoes. The Masha can actually do other things, like blending and whisking, but it's the first gadget we've ever reviewed that mashes potatoes like a God-damn pro. It can also dominate other boiled veg, as well as mashing up baby food, soups, eggs, sauces, purees, and more. It's also a cinch to clean, as the range of attachments are dishwasher safe.

Random, sure, but if you know of a home cook who loves to make their life easier, get them the Masha.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

Ohelo Coffee Tumbler

Ohelo Coffee Tumbler

Warm winter drinks should be in full flow by now, but reusable cups are an ecological nightmare. If you've decide to take plunge and carry a reusable coffee cup around with you, for trips to the coffee shop and more, consider Ohelo. We've been sent the Blue Swallows Reusable Coffee Tumbler and it's great. Not only will the 400ml insulated cup keep your beverage hot (or cold, if you're a nutter), it also offers a leak-proof lid. You twist the top to free up your drink, and twist to close, making it one of the simplest and most effective drinks flasks we've ever seen.

Available in a tonne of colours (as well as selling a water bottle range), we recommend you check out Ohelo today.


Visit ohelobottle.com

The Odd Club

The Odd Club

Here's a great gift idea - a year of socks! Yeah, we recognise that socks are the kind of gift you give when you really can't think of anything else, but by buying a subscription to The Odd Club, it's the gift that keeps on giving... every month. By signing up, they'll receive a fresh pair of socks through the post each month, but with a twist. The Odd Club offer socks in packs of three - yes, three. There's two that match, and an extra that that can match with a future pair, meaning that when a sock inevitably goes missing, you'll have extras that will work.

We all wear socks, and we all need a regular supply. So be sure to check them out.

£10 per month, or £95 for the year

Visit theoddclub.com

Fanattik Movie Merchandise

Fanattik Movie Merchandise

A new one on us, Fanattik is a huge repository of movie merch, featuring classics like Back to the Future and Rambo, as well TV shows such as Mr Benn and Paddington Bear. If you've ever wondered where you can get a bottle opener styled after the OUTATIME number plate from the DeLorean, you've come to the right place. They kindly sent us a cross section of products, and we loved the Biff Tannen's playing cards, the Facehugger keychain, and the Clock Tower necklace. Oh, and if you don't immediately recognise those references, you're no friend of ours.

Featuring a huge wealth of very affordable goodies, be sure to pay them a visit in time for Christmas.

Visit www.fanattik.co.uk

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