17 December 2019

5 Things You Should Know about CBD-Infused Apparel

The latest development in the CBD trend is CBD-infused apparel. Initially, this may seem like a crazy trend that’s gotten out of control. But, when you look at the facts, it makes a lot of sense! There are a lot of physical benefits of applying CBD oil topically. Wearing CBD-infused clothing will help you receive those benefits by administering small doses throughout the day.

Companies are beginning to produce CBD-infused clothing for workouts and for everyday wear. Depending on the reason that you’re interested in topical CBD products, some articles of clothing may target parts of your body and treat them more effectively than others.

Before purchasing any CBD-infused apparel, do your research on the brand. Also, look into the concentration of CBD in the clothing and how long the effects will last. These numbers will change from manufacturer to manufacturer.

If the whole thing sounds too good to be true, take some time to learn about the benefits of CBD oil for joints and muscles. Before you make any decisions, here are 5 things you should know about CBD-infused apparel.

  1. It Helps Arthritis

One reason to purchase CBD-infused clothing is to help treat arthritis pain. CBD can help manage the symptoms of arthritis, including joint pain, insomnia, and anxiety. By wearing CBD-infused clothing, your joints will receive small doses of CBD throughout the day to lessen the severity and frequency of those symptoms.

One study performed on rats proved that CBD applied to the skin can reduce swelling in joints and the occurrence of “pain-related behavior.” Though this study was done on rats, many people have begun using CBD topically with their arthritis medications and massages to improve their quality of life. More research needs to be done to verify the effects on humans.

CBD seems to have no known negative side effects as a treatment for arthritis pain. Wearing CBD-infused clothing in conjunction with treatment can help improve results without adding any extra steps to your treatment routine. It’s a convenient way to boost pain relief.

  1. It Prevents Inflammation

CBD oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It can reduce inflammation in muscles and joints when applied topically. By wearing CBD-infused clothing, doses of CBD oil can be administered throughout the day. This is especially helpful in workout clothing and compression clothing. 

When CBD is infused in workout clothing, it can soothe muscles and joints even during the workout. Many CBD-infused workout clothes are designed to release CBD with movement and sweat. The harder you work out, the more CBD will be released onto the skin to soothe muscles and prevent soreness.

CBD-infused compression socks could also be useful for those who live with arthritis. Many wear garments like compression socks to help reduce inflammation around the joints. Adding CBD oil to compression socks would increase the anti-inflammatory effects.

  1. CBD Decrease Muscle Spasms

One of the most widely acknowledged benefits of CBD oil is decreased muscle spasms. One of the only FDA approved usages for CBD oil is in a drug called Sativex. Many tests have been done to verify the effectiveness of CBD oil in reducing the frequency and severity of muscle spasms, and with good results.

People who live with multiple sclerosis specifically have shown that CBD oil can help manage their symptoms. It is recognized as a good alternative to some more traditional treatments. Previous treatments are either not as effective or come with side effects that are difficult to tolerate.

Wearing CBD-infused clothing can help manage these symptoms around the clock with little to no side effects. Wearing these clothing items daily or on particularly difficult days can improve quality of life for anyone dealing with muscle spasms, but especially those with multiple sclerosis.

  1. The Effects Linger

When you take off your CBD-infused clothing, you will no longer be absorbing CBD oil, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll stop feeling the effects. Just like vaping or taking tinctures orally, topically applied CBD stays in your system for a few hours.

The amount of time that the effects will last depends on multiple things, so it’s hard to say how long effects will last. Things like the quality of the CBD oil, your body weight, what you’ve eaten that day, and the amount of time that you’ve worn the CBD-infused clothing will all affect the length of time that you feel the effects.

If you’ve never used CBD or CBD products before, start small. Wear the CBD-infused clothing items for half an hour to an hour and see how you feel. Work your way up to longer periods of time so that you don’t feel any negative side effects. 

Negative side effects of CBD oil are usually not very serious and are not extreme. You may simply feel a little dizzy or nauseous. If you begin to feel those side effects, you know you’ve been wearing the CBD-infused clothing too long.

  1. The CBD Eventually Washes Out

When you buy CBD-infused clothing, make sure to pick out items that you like and would wear even if they didn’t have any benefits of CBD oil. Eventually, the CBD in the garment will be spent. They usually last about 30-40 washes, but it depends on the brand. Make sure to find out how long the CBD will stay in the garment before you make a purchase.

Purchasing multiple CBD-infused clothing items can be pricey, so make sure that you’re buying quality items. You don’t want to use up the CBD in the garment and be left with an expensive item that you no longer want to wear.

CBD-infused apparel isn’t just for people with arthritis, MS, or other lifelong condition. It’s for anyone! If you live with muscle or joint aches and pains as a result of everyday fatigue or as a symptom of some other condition, you can benefit from CBD-infused clothing. Start receiving the benefits today by trying out a garment or two!

Author bio: This article was contributed by Marina Turea at Digital Authority Partners 

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