5 January 2020

REVIEW: Eko Galleria Sensor Bin

Eko Galleria Sensor Bin review

Don't bin this

Regardless of your status in society, one thing is true for us all: we need to chuck stuff away. Binning garbage is a universal truth, one that should increasingly be on your mind. With recycling becoming more and more important, you need a bin that's not just a pleasure to use, but will also keep you clean and safe. We test the Eko Galleria Sensor Bin.

Just like the bin we reviewed here from SimpleHuman, the Eko Galleria Sensor Bin will spring open to accept your trash with a mere wave if your hand. No more must you awkwardly lift a lid or slap a button to open it up, something that is not only a fuss but also unhygienic.

Eko Galleria Sensor Bin review

Simple fact is that the less you touch your bin, the better. Bins are pretty gross places, and unless you empty it everyday (which you won't, unless you're the most wasteful person ever) the thing is going to be home some nastiness. Keeping your hands free from any bin surface is important, especially a lid handle.

Eko Galleria Sensor Bin review

The Eko Galleria Sensor Bin is a far more toned-down version of the aforementioned SimpleHuman product (and a lot more inexpensive). Drawing power from just four AAA batteries, the bin will swiftly respond whenever it detects movement right before the front-mounted sensor. Wave, open, bin your rubbish. Done deal.

Eko Galleria Sensor Bin review

We were sent the 12L version in silver, but you can also get a bronze-y colour, as well as smaller 9L capacity bin. Both colours and sizes offer the exact same benefits, from a fingerprint-defying coating, to a perfume holder to help combat stinky odours.

We were most impressed, however, by the quietness of the lid mechanism. A gentle hum greets your ears when you wave your hand by the sensor, and the lid springs open immediately. Same with closure, and you also have a touch-button option to keep the lid open for longer, should you need it.

Eko Galleria Sensor Bin review

There is just one compartment in there, so you'll need another bin (or alternative) for your recycling. That said, as waste bins go, this is pretty remarkable, and weighs in far cheaper than the more established competition. We love the battery-power (so there's no need to worry about wires) and the fact that your hands will be kept germ-free. Check it out.


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