27 July 2019

REVIEW: Aldi Specialbuy Fans

Thank you, Aldi

Yeah, we really do mean that. As Britain experienced it's hottest days on record since fire was invented, we've been enjoying relative coolness thanks to our supermarket mates. Aldi were kind enough to send two new fans from their Specialbuy range of home goods, so we gladly checked out their Desk Fan and Oscillating Pedestal Fan.

In lieu of an air conditioner, fans are a must have for the home. Although here in the UK, fans might spend the majority of the year tucked away in a cupboard, there will always be those unbearably hot days to deal with. Both of Aldi's fans offer good looks with ease of use and a blasting power to cool even the hottest of bums.

Aldi Specialbuy Fans

The Desk Fan features a 12" head and retro styling. Available in either chrome or copper, this is the kind of thing you can accept to find on the desk of a 1940s private detective, as he questions a "dame" about her missing husband. You get it, right?

With three speed settings and the option to oscillate, the mains powered fan can be angle adjusted. Despite the eye-catching looks, the fan doesn't take up all that much space, and we found it can be dotted about the room to provide cooling gusts wherever needed. And at only 43cm tall it can sit almost anywhere.

Aldi Specialbuy Fans

Meanwhile, the Oscillating Pedestal Fan is the Desk Fan's bigger brother. The spinning head measures 16" across, which, as the name suggests, can also oscillate. Chrome and copper options are up for grabs here, but the biggest difference is the height.

The big chap is height adjustable and can be set between 90cm and 125cm. The large weighted base means it can stand anywhere in the house and happily oscillate away, cooling the entire room.

Aldi Specialbuy Fans

One thing we noted about the larger fan, however, is the safety element if you have a toddler. Despite standing tall, it can still be reached by a curious kid, and the metal fan grill could let little fingers in. As the whole thing is metal (those private eyes wouldn't have anything else) the blades seem like they could do some damage, so think on when leaving it unattended.

If we are going to continue with a scorching summer this year, a decent fan should be top of your 'must have' list. Get yourself to Aldi.

Desk Fan £22.99 from here

Oscillating Pedestal Fan £32.99 from here

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