25 July 2019

5 of the Best High Tech Gadgets for Hardcore Gaming

As a gaming enthusiast, the goal is to be respected and acknowledged in the gaming community as an expert. However, to earn the term expert or pro gamer, there is a lot that counts, other than just loving to play video games. The number of hours that go into continually playing to become better cannot be overlooked. Other than that, it is your passion and aggression to secure the best gaming accessories to make your gameplay better.

Fortunately, developers in the gaming industry do not slack in their job, which is why there are several high-tech gadgets in the market for the different kinds of games. As a hardcore gamer, you need the very best of these gadgets to get yours by your intense gaming sessions. Here are the top five best high-tech gadgets suitable for hardcore gamers:

Oculus Rift VR System

This is just the right system for a hardcore gamer. This gadget is a gaming-specific system that comes with a headset and controllers. The VR system is powered by PC and supports Windows 7, 8.1 & 10. The gadget features intuitive touch controllers that are known for high accuracy, not to mention, provide a fantastic feel for the gamer. These smooth gaming controls make gaming so much fun in the virtual world, mainly when you include the integrated audio that is more so a level up and enhances your VR experience manifolds.

X rocker 5125401

As a hardcore gamer, you require a very comfortable chair that can comfortably support your weight throughout the entire intense gameplay. Ideally, the X rocker 5125401 chair has generous padding in all the right places to secure your body in a comfortable position. Including the seat pan, headrest, lumbar region and the shoulders. The chair comes with armrests for additional comfort. Besides, it can connect with multiple chairs for the ultimate gaming experience. You can also enjoy total sound immersion experience thanks to the two speakers and a subwoofer that uses 2.1 AFM Technology.

Razer Naga

Hardcore gaming requires precision and accuracy. It is why you cannot compromise on the mouse you use to play your video games. The Razer Naga is a mouse built for heavy-duty gaming, with the main feature of 17 MMO Optimized programmable buttons. Further, its scroll wheel can be clicked in 24 different directions for the new gaming experience. This gadget features the latest technology and could be your key to incredible gameplay.

Astro A50 Gaming Headset

To be sold out to the gaming world, you need a pair of headphones that helps you keep in touch with other players in the virtual world. The Astro A50 Gaming Headset is a Dolby gaming headset that comes with a precision microphone for enhanced communication during gaming. The gadget is compatible with PlayStation 4, PC and Mac. Its ergonomics and high-quality audio are what make it such a high-tech gadget for hardcore gaming.

Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard

In learning the importance of precision, you know that a good mouse is not all you need in hardcore gaming. It is not enough to rely on an ordinary keyboard for your computer. The Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard is what you need to upgrade your gameplay. With this gadget, you will not need a typical keyboard. It consists of 25 programmable keys which cover those in the usual keyboard. Other than that, the device allows you to view the stats of gaming, along with the system information and messages from your fellow gamers, which makes communication super easy. The inbuilt GamePanel is what is responsible for all the relevant insights and information you gather from your associate gamers.

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