3 August 2019

REVIEW: Hedkayse ONE Folding Cycle Helmet

On yer head

If you cycle, you’ll be aware of several undeniable facts. First, it’s a great way to get about, and secondly, it keeps you healthy AF. But if you give any shits at all about your safety, you’ll always wear a helmet when you ride, so therefore you’ll know the third fact: lugging a cycle helmet around with you is a pain in the arse. Or is it? We found out while reviewing the Hedkayse Folding Cycle Helmet.

Yeah, you’ve probably already worked out what the deal is here: this is a helmet for cycling that will keep you safe in the event of a crash, while also be able to conveniently fold up. Decent headlines so far. Pun intended.

Actually, the folding feature of the Hedkayse ONE might be the most eye-catching, but we found that the real value comes in the multi-crash claims of Hedkayse. You see, this thing can survive multiple impacts, unlike traditional cycle helmets which are unusable after a nasty knock.

Built in the UK from Hedkayse’s ‘Enkayse’ material, the helmet feels softer and far more flexible than anything we’ve ever felt that was designed to keep our brains from being damaged. You can ‘squish it’, part from the segmented design, and part because of the material itself.

The Hedkayse ONE is a one-size-fits-all kinda deal, using adjusting straps to tighten it to your bonce. As chaps with heads on the larger size (all those brains, innit?) we were concerned it would be an uncomfortable fit, but once on and adjusted appropriately it was fine.

That adjustability is the reason for the fold. The Hedkayse ONE doesn’t fold in the truest sense, rather it can be compressed. With the rear padded section lifted out and away from the others, the helmet can be squashed in, reducing the width by 50%.

Yeah, half. It isn’t like this will now fit in your pocket, or even maybe your bag, but it is a noticeable change. Having a helmet that is no longer that awkward bowl shape means you can strap it to the outside of your bag without it bulging out. It means you don’t have to lock it up with your bike anymore, exposing it to thieves and the elements. It’s easier to take it with you.


Moving from the novelties of multi-use and being able to fold, how does the Hedkayse ONE actually feel when riding? Well, we must admit to it taking a bit of time to get used to. The interior is very well padded, and it did fit well and snug after a fiddle session with the straps, but at first it felt… well, weird.

Weird is the only way we can describe it. We recognise that this is unlike any other kind of helmet we’ve worn before, so a touch of getting used to it was necessary. After a few days, however, it was just a regular old bike helmet, with the added benefits mentioned above. So that’s a win.

But here’s the real catch. This thing costs £150 right now. Yes, £150.

You could argue that is an investment, especially considering that it is reusable after a crash, and being able to take it with you will reduce the chances of it being stolen. But how often to you actually have to buy a new bike helmet?

The Hedkayse ONE boasts all the right accreditation in terms of safety and build quality, buy we’re just not fully convinced that being able to collapse justifies that expense.

If you have the cash, and you like the idea of reducing the size of your helmet, go for it. For everybody else… mmm, maybe not.


Available from www.hedkayse.com

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