24 May 2019

Improving your Website in 2 Simple Steps

Whenever you welcome someone to your home, you do your utmost best to make them feel comfortable, right? You want to make a good impression, so as soon as you invite someone over you give your house a clean, you de-clutter, and you channel your inner Michelin-star chef in order to cook them up a treat. The question is, why don’t you act in this way when it comes to your website as well?

Whether you use the site for personal or professional reasons, you should seek to make a good online impression at all times. By doing so, you could one day find yourself being somewhat of an expert/influencer in your field (and you could reap the financial rewards of having such a reputation).

In order for this to be the case, you’re going to have to resolve to improve your website. Here are two simple steps to take when you decide to do so.

Create an online store

There will come a time when your readers start to demand more from you. As avid fans of your content over an extended period of time, it’s only natural that, at some point, their bond with your site will be that deep that they’ll want more than just text, images, and videos. They’ll want things that actually bring something to their life or change it in some way. You can give them what they want by creating your very own online store and having it run adjacent to your website.

By selling your own personalized goods on your store, such as t-shirts with your site’s name on or baseball caps with your logo on, you will satisfy your reader’s urge to own something that signifies they’re a fan of your work. When you do create an online store, however, just be sure to keep your finger on the pulse of the economic trends 2019. As stated on Oberlo, there are a host of things that you need to know about modern-day ecommerce if you’re to stand a chance of being successful with your store. Some of the trends you should be aware of include:

  • Environmental topics influence buyers
  • Mobile shopping is growing
  • Voice commerce is on the rise
  • AR is transforming how people shop

Ensure that your site is easy to navigate

Making sure your website is easy to navigate is essential for two different reasons:

  • It provides your users with a better experience on your site
  • It helps you to rank higher in the SERPs

You should, then, do your absolute best to ensure that your site is clear and easy-to-use for all those that access it. In this instance, it is best to be as descriptive as possible when it comes to pointing users where to go. Have your pages be clearly laid out and signposted, and avoid internet jargon at all costs.

By taking the two simple steps laid out above, you will be sure to improve your website.

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