23 May 2019

News: Technology is Changing the World We Live in

There is no denying that we are facing some revolutionary technological advancements that seem to be changing the way we live almost on a day-to-day basis. While the initial idea of this may seem terrifying, many us of will admit that we have become so reliant on technology, that we just can’t imagine our lives without it.

Digital technology is used to try and improve our quality of life, and it’s also interesting to comprehend what the future will hold as technology is constantly upgrading. Let’s take a look at the different aspects of how technology is changing the world we live in:


Just a few years ago, it was the norm for the teacher to stand at the front of the classroom and deliver a lesson by speaking and writing notes on the board behind them. There was no real concept as to how those who struggled with taking in information in this format would keep up. It seems that the traditional forms have well and truly stayed in the past thanks to the inventions of technology, which has brought education into a new era.

The education sector has now come to introduced online portholes, where students can complete work that has been set for them in their own time, without the fear of falling behind and having to struggle with peer pressure. Homework can also be set and instantly accessed by teachers once it has been completed.

This technique has also been used in universities in recent years, where essays can be uploaded virtually, and the tutor is able to provide feedback. Not only does this allow for time-efficiency for both parties, but allows students to work from anywhere in the world, without having to be physically present to communicate or receive feedback.


Engineering is one of the main industries that is reaping the rewards of what technology can offer. Companies are now hiring engineers for roles that never existed just a couple of years ago; such as jobs in control systems engineering, advanced automotive engineering, and IoT engineering.

PCB design software is one of the most crucial technological tools many engineers need when it comes to managing electronic projects and also reduces the time between the creation and production of the project. Engineers who use a cost-effective professional PCB design tool now have the opportunity to work as an entrepreneur if they choose, rather than for a company. It’s obvious to see that engineering is certainly becoming more data-driven due to the requirements of the contemporary consumer.


Perhaps one of the most important industries that we must pay attention to when it comes to the developments in technology is the healthcare sector. Many hold the belief that technology improvements in healthcare are primarily with the equipment or IT structure of the healthcare service, but there is more to it than meets the eye. The overall patient experience is hugely important in technological developments, with more information featured here: https://www.qualtrics.com/blog/patient-experience/. In addition, technology has been giving "quality of life" improvements to the daily operations of health services.
For example, patients and doctors now have the opportunity to gain access to personal medical records on a 24-hour basis, via EPCR software. For patients, this saves time from having to book an appointment that could otherwise be used for emergencies, or from clogging up phone line queues with record requests. Medical professionals can also share patient files around the practice or hospital, which allows for ease of access and convenience. As healthcare settings previously had to rely on faxing or physical handover of records, this took away precious time that could have been spent caring for patients.
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