25 May 2019

REVIEW: Simba Hybrid Mattress

Review of the Simba Hybrid Mattress

Best of both worlds

A universal truth is that we all need to sleep. That's why we're certain that this review will be of interest to absolutely everyone. What you sleep on can make a huge difference to your health and well-being, so an investment in your bed is actually an investment in you. To test that theory we've spent the last 30 days sleeping on a Simba Hybrid Mattress. Here's what we thought.

A Simba what? Well, many of you might be familiar with the modern trend of scientifically designed memory foam mattresses. You know the type; they come delivered in a surprisingly compact box and are compressed down with plastic sheeting to later spring into shape on your bed. We're familiar due to a previous review of the Casper Mattress. But a 'hybrid' mattress?

Review of the Simba Hybrid Mattress

Well, a hybrid uses both the modern and admittedly very comfy substance of memory foam, combined with a more traditional spring approach. Or rather, the idea of using springs in a mattress is traditional, but the ones Simba use are anything but. This creates a layered construct of foam and springs, together with padding and breathable material to give an exceptionally comfortable sleeping experience.

Review of the Simba Hybrid Mattress

Seriously, this is great. From first unwrapping it from the box and plastic (with the included plastic sheet cutting tool that won't slice open your mattress. Thanks Simba) to laying it onto the bed frame, you know you've bought something of high quality. Despite the initial weird foamy smell, and the hour or so it took to fully 'inflate' to size, it was immediately usable. And boy did we use it.

Simba were kind enough to send us a double, although they also do singles and king sizes (to varying international dimensions - did you know American beds were smaller than their EU counterparts?). At 25 cm thick, this is a hefty thing, and invites you (and a friend) to hop right on and snuggle down. Then you won't want to leave.

Sure, the standard supportive feeling of memory foam is here, where, when laying on your side, your hips and shoulders naturally sink into a comfortable hollow that moves with you. But the 2500 patented adaptive springs seem to offer a degree of... well, springiness... that means the Simba Hybrid Mattress is more responsive, and alters shape with you, far quicker. Certainly more so than the aforementioned and linked-to Casper product.

Review of the Simba Hybrid Mattress

One significant reason for the comfort of the Simba Mattress was the way it kept the sleeper cool. This was especially important over the past month, where here in the UK we've had a few early summer warm nights. The breathable top layer seemed to ventilate bodies well, and there was no sense of laying on actual foam - something to which hospital and medical beds have given a bad reputation. No, this thing was cool, comfortable, and luxurious.

So... the price. It's true that mattress like this aren't cheap, with the double we were sent weighing in at £649 at time of publication. But as we said, that is an investment we recommend you make. After just a month we can attest to the benefits of sleeping on a far more comfortable and adaptive mattress. You awake feeling actually refreshed, and we noted that we awoke fewer times in the night to toss and turn - something sleeping on an out-dated mattress necessitates.

Better sleep results in a better you, so make that investment now. Buy the Simba Hybrid Mattress.

Double £649
King £749

Visit www.simabsleep.com

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