3 May 2018

FEATURE: This week's Amazon Tech Deals

Tech time

Another week, another chance to scan over five top techy toys from good ol' Amazon. We've found five new deals that caught our eye, and we hope they'll catch yours, too. If you buy all five, you win a prize! Yay. Well, the prize is owning five new bits of cut-price tech. Worth it though.

Refurbished Amazon Echo

Yeah, the 'reburbished' part of the title got us thinking, too. Apparently this is essentially a pre-owned Echo smart speaker that Amazon have taken back, spruced up, and are re-selling. If the thought of owning a second hand smart speaker doesn't appeal, perhaps the price, which is 50% off, will.

Was £139.99
Now £69.99

Get the deal right here.

Tile Sport Bluetooth Tracker

We only reviewed this a few weeks ago, and loved it then. Not only will it allow you to keep an eye on your most precious stuff, tracking it when lost, but the Tile Sport is also tough as old boots and waterproof, so you can be sure it'll still work in the rain.

Was £29.99
Now £19.99

Get the deal right here.

Arbily Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

These truly wireless Bluetooth earphones might be from a company we've never heard of (sounds like your brother billy - 'our Billy'), but they look great, have some good reviews on Amazon, and come with a charging case. Nice price as well.

Was £99.99
Now £46.99

Get the deal right here.

Garmin Forerunner 235

We previously reviewed the Forerunner 235's little brother, the 35, right here, and have since come to love Garmin's new range of smart watches-cum-activity trackers. This larger, more feature-packed version can track your heart rate and display smart notifications. Helluva saving, too.

Was £299
Now £181.74

Get the deal right here.

SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC Memory Card

No, not very sexy, but something many of us need... without breaking the bank. Behold this teeny 64GB Micro SD card for a mere pinch.

Was £17.65
Now £15.99

Get the deal right here

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