4 May 2018

REVIEW: ZeroWater Filter Jug

A refreshing change

Think water filters, and you might automatically think Britta. We certainly did, and not just because of the Britta water filter jug in our fridge. However, as we recently discovered, there is a whole world of water filtering alternatives out there, and if you love your wet stuff clean and healthy, read on. We check out the ZeroWater Filter Jug.

Although a new name on us, ZeroWater are a well-established firm in the US, creating an array of water filters and water testing kits. We were sent the 12 cup jug, complete with a removable water tester, and an Ion exchange water filter. Which is massive.

Serioulsy. Check out the images of the jug and you'll see just how much space that filter takes up. We're used to installing smaller, more compact filters to our water jug, so this was something of a surprise. That said, this particular filter, so ZeroWater assure us, can remove a hell of a lot more crap than other, possibly better-known, brands.

The jug itself can hold 2.8 litres of water, which, when you consider the beefy dimensions of 28 x 29 cm, that isn't massive. We're not sure exactly what a 'cup' is in America, but we found that it could offer about four standard glasses worth when full. However, the reservoir at the top, into which you pour the unfiltered water, isn't the same as the total storage capacity, so if you want to fill it completely, be prepared to top it up a couple of times.

That said, the whole process of using the ZeroWater Filter Jug was quite enjoyable, and eye-opening. The tester, which can detect TDS, or Total Dissolved Solids, gives an indication of how much bad stuff is in your local tap water. It won't tell you what exactly is in there, just a number to compare to a chart included with the jug. If you score highly, the included filter won't last as long as if you score low... which we, thankfully, did (especially when you consider that TDS includes the likes of lead (!), arsenic (!!) and uranium (!!!).

ZeroWater claim to beat the competition is all areas of filtration, removing a higher percentage of salts, minerals, metals, and runoff than other filters. Their website also boasts about the removal of 99% of fluoride present in the water, which is more of an American concern than ours here in the UK. Still, good to know, eh?

Unlike the smaller, cheaper seven cup version, the 12 cup jug boasts a handy dispenser at the base of the handle. This means that you don't actually have to remove the whole jug from the fridge to get water; just hold a cup beneath the spout and press the button. It is a nice added design extra, although we found that the water poured out so slowly, it was quicker and easier to just pull the jug from the fridge shelf. Still, very handy for kids for who the jug might be too heavy, and even people with limited dexterity and strength.

And the actual taste? Well, we do consider ourselves water connoisseurs here at TTP, drinking litres of the fresh, chilled, filtered stuff each day (it contributes to our general high standard of handsomeness, you know), but we have to say, the ZeroWater Filter Jug makes damn fine water. All curious and 'local' flavours are completely removed, and if stored in the fridge constantly, it made for some of the cleanest, most refreshing water we've ever tasted.

So you might come for the impressive stats of TDS removal, and the included water tester, but you'll definitely stay, and - crucially - keeping purchasing ZeroWater filters, for the great taste.

£39.99 for the 12 cup, £34.99 for the ten cup, and £24.99 for the seven cup.

All available from www.amazon.co.uk

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