3 May 2018

COMMENT: The best technology to help you lose weight

Every January at the start of a new year, resolutions of all kinds flood in. They usually revolve around one thing: getting your body back into the shape you want. Whether it’s committing yourself to a gym or making a bet with your buddies, you will still need some help to achieve your goals—so why not from technology? 

Over the last few years, appliances, gadgets, and apps have flooded the market that assist people in ways they never would have imagined. Let's go through a couple of these nifty products to show you how helpful they can be. Firstly, apps play a huge role in people’s lives. There are thousands of weight and fitness apps out there that can help you closely monitor your progress.

One of the most widely cited is MyFitnessPal. It’s essentially a food database that lists over 5 million different foods. It acts as a calorie counter, so if you want to know exactly how nutritious a certain type of food is, then just scan its barcode and presto!

Another one is called Fitbit. A very visible and well-known fitness company, they are also known for a plethora of devices, from their smart watches to smart scales (which we will get into in a moment). Their Fitbit app is helpful because, apart from allowing you to see just how much activity you do in a day, it also tracks your sleep and water intake. It’s beneficial if you want an overall regulatory platform to help guide you in different areas of life.

Another fun one that doesn’t get a lot of attention is Happy Scale. It's like two steps backwards and one step forward, meaning that losing weight can be a bit of a battle sometimes. But with Happy Scale, you can collect the type of progress you're making in graphs and charts. There might not be a bell curve going on, but it will give you a formatted history as to how you're improving over time, including what your average weekly loss is. It also allows you to customise your sessions based on places, times and access to equipment.

Best Fitbit for women

In the world of physical appliances, everyone talks about smart scales. But what are they? They're  connected weight scales that give you an in-depth overview of your body makeup by testing your fat, water, muscle and even bone density. They link to your iPhone or Android device and allow you to see what direction you’re heading in (and some of them will even tell you the weather).  The best ones out there include the Fitbit Aria 2 smart scale and the stylish Garmin Index smart scale. Both are massively convenient and welcome additions to a modern lifestyle.

Lastly, there are the trackers and smartwatches that keep your healthy lifestyle in check. There are a number of great comprehensive devices that can assist your lifestyle, but the best one out there is probably from Apple.

They are most well-known for their smart watches, which give you a lot of control over your health—in detail. Their asking price is a bit steep (the new generation 3 is just over $400), but it's worth it. They are very sensor-focused, meaning that they track your pulse and activity throughout the day; they focus on your particular exercise goals and your day-to-day activities, keeping a very close eye on your body. 

And if none of this technology gives you peace of mind, then you could always go for the Luddite version—simply eat well, run to your nearest park, and get some good sleep the old-fashioned way. 

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