1 April 2018

REVIEW: LEGO Creator Modular Family Villa

Home Sweet Home

Our fingers are sore but we are happy: we must, therefore, have just finished a new LEGO build. This time 'round we've once again gone for a Creator set of a house, and another 3-in-1 build like our previous Park Street Town House review. However, this particular set is described as 'modular', so what's that all about? We build and review the LEGO Creator Modular Family Villa.

Weighing in with 728 parts, this 3-in-1 set allows you to build three separate structures using those same parts. So basically, you can't build all three at the same time, and have to choose which you would like to have at any given time. Just like with the Town House set. Therefore we picked which we liked the most, and decided to build that last. That meant we first constructed...

Summer Villa

First up, we have to mention the modular design. Following the instructions, you start by building three box-like frames and then progress to the page where the build of your choice commences. Those three frames are used in all three builds, and you have to make different adornments and extras each time. The Summer Villa uses two of those three frames, then you build around them. However, first we need to meet the minifigures.

This is a family house, so you get a family; a mum, dad, and kid. All three have good printing and nice (and useful for other things) colours and designs of clothing. The only one to get an alternate face is...

...mum. We can only assume this is her relaxing face.

The Summer Villa is the smallest of the three, using the fewest parts from that stockpile of 728. Still, there's a lot going on here, with a decked out main living room complete with desk (with lamp and sandwich), a TV, and a bed. Weirdly.

Walk through that internal door and you'll enter the toilet, complete with wash basin. However, the toilet features large floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking...

...a pool. So not a lot of privacy. Still, it's a very close family that can lounge in the pool while watching dad poo. Check out the yellow rubber ring, too.

Out front mum is cooking up a storm on the grill next to the axe and wood pile for the fire. That grill is pretty special as it uses another unique element of the LEGO Creator Modular Family Villa set: a light brick.

Look, it lights up! Yay. Press a button on the side and the light brick will glow, giving the impression of fire. We think it looks really cool. Or rather hot.

And here is dad by the front door, waiting with his coffee. The transparent door opens up to a small garden complete with a little tree and flowers. 

These are all the modular elements that go into making the Summer Villa. As you can see they are separate builds which click together with just a couple of studs each, making it easy to swap them around. Here's where you can get really creative...

How about this little house, complete with upstairs bedroom? The modular parts can be quickly moved around and clipped together, altering the build. And how about...

...a very fancy outside toilet? This was simply the toilet section, plus a roof part, plus the front door and garden, and a couple of windows. At last, mum can pee in peace.

This choice of build also includes a remote control car for the wee chap...

...and a pretty beefy lawn mower for dad. Definitely for dad, because mum is still in the toilet.

So although this is the smallest build of the set, and uses the fewest modular components, the Summer Villa is a sweet little make with lots going on. Right, what's next?

Golf Hotel

What a difference that other frame makes! With another level, and more modular components, the Golf Hotel is significantly larger, rivalling the final build in size and height.

There is a lovely entrance way, welcoming guests in...

...to the foyer, complete with cash desk, sofa, and fireplace. You might want to sit by that fire, because if you press part of the exterior build...

...right here...

...the fireplace glows. Yep, that is where the light brick has been installed, and with great results, too.

Moving up a level, we have a well-appointed room, boasting bed, table, reclining chair, and views over the golf course. We assume.

Moving up again, we have a smaller room, with a bed and bedside lamp. However, the guest staying in this room will enjoy their own...

...balcony with outdoor cooking area. Swish.

Oh, and you could pose a minifigure on the roof, should you wish. Maybe to scream rude words at the golfers below.

Back outside, the set hints at the golf course itself, and even manages to fit in a water feature. Note also the golf cart, with cup and club holder in the rear. Another sweet extra.

We quite like this window part with a sign built-in. There are no stickers or printed pieces to attach to it to tell us the name of the hotel, so we imagine it is called 'Trump's Saucy Hideout'.

These are all the components that go into the Golf Hotel, so let's get rearranging.

Here's another hotel, this time on a different layout with the water feature by the entrance...

...and here we have a one-story golfing villa, with a putting green on the roof, and a cooking station by the front door. Actually, we'd like to live here.

Golf Hotel is tall, detailed, and offers plenty of fun when posing up the figs. But the main event is yet to come. We smashed the hotel to bits (saving the modular frames) and made...

The Family Villa

Using all of those 728 parts, and the reason why the set is called the LEGO Creator Modular Family Villa, this is the largest and most impressive of the three builds (in our opinion). There's loads going on here.

The front of the villa features an entrance way with mail box and light, next to a basketball hoop on the wall. And notice that garage door?

It opens to reveal AN ACTUAL CAR! Woop! It might only accommodate one figure (so hardly a family car), but it's a great little build that fits in perfectly. Oh, and pop a figure into the driver's seat and...

...the headlights light up! For this build the light brick is incorporated into the vehicle, which is a nice change. Great effect, best used in the dark, mind.

Around the side is a small garden complete with apple tree, veg patch, and dog house. Just like with the Park Street Town House, you have to build the dog, in a very Creator-y way. Looks good though, and we love the axe and chopped wood in the background.

Head up the steps on the side of the garage and you'll enter...

...a nice little balcony area complete with reclining chair and entrance to the upstairs of the house.

Above that is an actual red-brick roof, which fortunately splits into two, giving more modular options later.

On the inside you get a nice living room with fireplace, table, and kitchen area...

...while above that there is a bedroom with bed, sofa, table, and lamp. Note the door to the balcony.

Those roof sections feature back walls, unlike the lower levels, so you have to take them off to get in there. Still, there is space for a couple of figs to mess about in the attic.

Here are all those modular sections, the most of all three builds. With them we also made...

...another villa with rooftop garden...

...one with a cool use of the roof parts and balcony at the very top, and finally...

...this mental thing with the world's most precarious dog house at the top. Seriously, they must hate that dog.

"Fido, no!"

By far our favourite of the LEGO Creator Modular Family Villa builds, the Villa will now be joining the Town House on our LEGO shelf. However, a note on that. We have to say that, although we really enjoyed the modular aspect of the set, we much prefer the look of the final Park Street Town House build. Check 'em out side by side:

Park Street seems to be more detailed with a realistic aesthetic, while the stark white and red of the Villa are a tad jarring. But, being able to quickly change the layout of the house, without actually rebuilding anything, offers great play value and we can't wait to combine this set with other modular builds we might review in the future.

BTW, we can imagine that the young, go-getting couple in the town house look on at the Family Villa family with dread. They have kids! Never!

The LEGO Creator Modular Family Villa was a tonne of fun to build (and rebuild, and rebuild again) and we can't recommend the modular function more. Not only can kids savour assembling the three structures, but they can then have fun messing about with the modular elements, creating something truly original. Go get this set.


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