25 March 2018

NEWS: This app could help with IKEA furniture (and save your marriage)

Let's just hope they included all the screws

If you've ever had to build complicated IKEA furniture with your partner... well, you're probably not together anymore, are you? The trouble is, IKEA's included instructions aren't always the easiest to follow, causing that awful condition 'IKEA opinion'. This basically means that each person involved with the build has their own idea of where all the parts go, often with disastrous consequences. Fortunately designer Adam Pickard has had a great idea.

His concept app, Assemble AR, projects an image of the piece if furniture you just purchased onto the floor before you, by way of augmented reality. Behold:

It's a great idea and seems like it works well to help you build IKEA stuff. However, it's important to know that this is a concept only, and no such app currently exists. Tell you what, though; if IKEA did create an app like this, filled with every single self-build piece of furniture they sell, we'd be more inclined to buy their stuff.

Find out more about the idea at adampickard.com

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