24 March 2018

FEATURE: This week's Amazon Tech Deals

Yet more cut-price goodies

Deals, deals, deals... we've found 'em and rightly gathered a few together for your pleasure. This week's five top finds are more in the audio/visual department of tech, but boy are they great deals. Your wallet will thanks us. Read on...

Motorola Stream Sport True Wireless Headphones

We made a video review about these little beauties a few months back, and they certainly impressed us then. Now, they've been hugely reduced and are more tempting than ever.

Was £79.99
Now £52.39

Get the deal right here.

Yi Lite 4K Action Camera

We also made a little video about this thing, and again we were impressed. Last week we linked to Yi's budget cam, the Discovery 4K, and this week the Lite gets a reduction. Great cam, great price.

Was £149.99
Now £99.99

Get the deal right here.

Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

Amazon's own streaming TV stick is a market leader, and being able to search for shows with your voice is pretty nifty. Amazon are constantly raising and lowering the cost of this, but less than £30 is the perfect price, so grab one while you can.

Was £39.99
Now £29.99

Get the deal right here.

Betron XR77 Bluetooth Speaker

Our attention was first drawn to this speaker by the huge reduction (72% off!), but after checking out the stats, it seems like an awesome bit of portable tech. A 10W speaker is wrapped in a gorgeous donut body and it scores very highly on customer ratings. Go for it.

Was £64.99
Now £17.99

Get the deal right here.

JBL Clip Bluetooth Speaker

This very  portable, very handy little speaker features a built-in clip to attach to clothing, your bike, your diving board... anything. As well as using Bluetooth, it'll hook up to your phone via the included phono lead. Seems cool, and is now hugely reduced.

Was 44.99
Now £26.39

Get the deal right here.

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