15 February 2018

REVIEW: Plug and Play Retro TV Games

Old skool

Go back in time some 20 or 30 years and you'll find that video games were a far simpler affair. Yes, graphics might've improved, and sure, VR is pretty cool, but retro games are still probably the most playable and easy to enjoy quickly. If you yearn for the games of yesterday, but don't fancy forking out for a re-released SNES or Mega Dive, get Find Me A Gift's Pug and Play Retro TV Games.

This tiny hand-held controller plugs directly into the back of your TV, allowing you to play any of the 200 (yep, two hundred) classic games stored inside. Drawing power from tree AAA batteries, and hooking up to your telly via a composite cable, the mini console features a teeny joystick and two action buttons, as well as a start and select button.

This thing is about the same size as your car key, so it is a great gift for smaller, younger hands. Kids might wonder why the games are all blocky and weird though, if they're used to modern and immersive adventures on their XBox. You therefore have to educate children in what makes a good game, and show them that a main character can be made from only a dozen pixels.

The wealth of games is pretty impressive, with a huge mix. We'll be honest, as keen gamers as we all were back in 1991, we don't actually recognise any of the games on the Plug and Play Retro TV Games. There is nothing like Sonic or Mario on here, which is to be expected, what with it not being a licensed product, so perhaps everything has been especially coded for this device.

Still, the games on there are great, including any Space Invaders-type with fast moving objects and scrolling backgrounds. Even at their quickest, with a lot happening on screen, the Plug and Play Retro TV Games never seemed to slow down or stutter, unlike our old Amiga 500s in actual 1991.

Great fun, very cheap, and a perfect gift for gamers or all ages and experience.


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