16 February 2018

NEWS: You can buy a coaster for the Apple HomePod


Proving that people actually will change their very lives to accommodate Apple products, even when those products are wrecking their furniture, you can now buy a custom-made coaster for the Apple HomePod. Since release it has been revealed that the smart speaker leaves a white ring on wooden  surfaces, unlike, say, a Google Home. Tee hee. But, not to be undone, or indeed to complain to their Apple masters, HomePod customers can now get themselves a lovely coaster for it. Oh good.

Hats off to Pad & Quill, makers of the leather coaster, for jumping to the task quickly, as for only $19.95 the coaster can be yours, and in a choice of two colours to boot. However, just think about what this product represents: it is the physical embodiment of making-do, of accepting a flaw with a new piece of technology, and spending more money to correct it ourselves. Apple have cocked up, again, and consumers are paying to fix it.

This is another example of how little we of the 'Pit understand the world, perhaps. People go gaga over the latest iPhone, MacBook, and now - extremely late to the party - smart speaker, but these products are never the best out there. They're certainly the most expensive (chat to someone with an iPhone X and ask them how much they're paying on contract each month, compared to the likes of an arguably more powerful and better performing Samsung phone), and they project the illusion of being the best, but they really aren't. An overpriced speaker that ruins your furniture is just the newest con.

Can someone please explain it to us? Please.

Anyway... if you'd like a coaster to stop that brand new HomePod that you're sooooo proud, of leaving marks on your table, go here: www.padandquill.com Then go to hell you fucking moron. Arf!

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