13 February 2018

REVIEW: iStorage diskAshur DT 2

Your desktop vault

Where is all your digital 'stuff' right now? If years' worth of photos, videos, documents, files, and other randomly assorted 1s and 0s are currently stashed on multiple flash drives and laptops, isn't it time to organise all that precious stuff into one main and secure hard drive? If you're looking for better storage and security, look no more. We review the iStorage diskAshur DT 2.

In a nutshell, this is a big and beefy desktop hard drive that has been designed to stay put and keep everything safe and secure. For those who aren't familiar with the brand, iStorage make flash and hard drives that come with a keypad, allowing you to set a unique PIN to make sure only you can gain access to the data on board. We've reviewed a few of their products over the years, but most notably we recently checked out the diskAshur 2. Check out that review, as the the iStorage diskAshur DT 2 is essentially the same device... but much bigger.

Whereas the diskAshur 2 was light and portable, sporting a pop-out USB cable to easily hook up to your laptop, the iStorage diskAshur DT 2 is chunky, heavy, completely metallic, and requires a power adaptor to function. However, as low-tech as all as that sounds, the advantage is that it has a far bigger storage capacity. Waaay bigger, in fact. Models go all the way up to a whopping 10TB, and the version we received to review was a very healthy 4TB.

That said, the iStorage diskAshur DT 2 isn't too big, and at 18cm in length it is essentially as big as all other desktop storage solutions. But, this baby packs far more encryption and protection than anything else, so if you have a need to protect your digital life (and you have a tonne of it to keep safe) this is for you.

There is not point repeating all this, so do check out the diskAshur 2 review as the operation is the same. You can set a PIN once you fire it up for the first time, and from that point onward you will always need to enter that to make the drive work. And, as we stressed as a cool point in the previous review, you can also set a kill PIN. If someone is forcing you to give them access to the drive, you can enter this and it will erase the entire contents in one go. Some awesome MI5 shit right there.

So the true benefits to the iStorage diskAshur DT 2 come merely in the increased storage capacity. If you're a mobile sort, and take your precious data wherever you go, shoot for the dishAshur 2 instead. However, if you work predominantly from home, or require a main base to add sensitive files to on a regular basis (while also being confident thieves won't be able to access it, even if they steal the drive), this is the one.

From £179 (1TB) to £679 (10TB)

Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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