14 February 2018

NEWS: Come the robot uprising, head to the slopes - robots can't ski


You might have seen the impressive (and, ultimately, terrifying) video from Boston Dynamics of one robot dog opening a door for another robot dog. If you were worried that we won't be able to hide behind closed doors come the robo-apocalypse, you could always head to the piste, as it seems like robots can't ski to save their lives.

As well as human competitors hitting the slopes at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, robots have also been giving it a go - with largely catastrophic outcomes. Behold:

Eight teams of engineers were competing for the top prize of around $10,000, and all robot entrants had to have two legs and be at least 20 inches tall. Fortunately for humankind, it seems that the robots have yet to master the downhill, meaning that should they ever attempt to wipe us out, Terminator-style, we could strap on some skis and escape.

However, the eventual winner was called TaeKwonV from Minirobot Corp, which completed the course, without falling, in just 18 seconds. Oh. Wait, can robots swim? Quick, head to the beach! Save yourselves!

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