13 February 2018

NEWS: Squeeze spots all day with this gross fidget toy

Awful... but oddly brilliant

If you love nothing better than squeezing a big dirty spot or pimple, you'll love this. The Pop it Pal is the pocket-sized spot-squeezing simulator, giving you the satisfaction of popping a pus-filled zit whenever you fancy. Think of it as a fidget toy. But a disgusting one.

Christ, it does look realistic, doesn't it? We've all been there before - squeezing a spot that just keeps on oozing and oozing. Those are the good ones.

You'll be happy to know that, once all squeezed, you can buy refill pots of pus, to top up your Pop it Pal, which also comes in two different skin tones. Pus..., sorry... plus, for each sale of the Pop it Pal a portion of the money goes toward charities that help combat bullying, so this thing truly is a win-win gadget.

Available for $19.99, you can get your own from popitpal.com

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