14 February 2018

NEWS: Samsung Galaxy S9, what we know so far

With just a week or so until the official announcement date, rumours are flying high about Samsung's latest flagship device (or rather devices), the Galaxy S9 and S9+. There seems to be a lot for the South Korean tech giant to live up to, after their biggest rivals Apple recently brought out the impressive and - for once - unique looking iPhone X. Here is everything we know so far...

There have been a tonne of fun and interesting leaks about the S9, some dating all the way back to the release of the S8 last year. However, just recently Orange Romania accidentally published a page about the forthcoming phone's specifications. Although it was quickly taken down, the details still managed to flood the internet. We now know that the S9's camera will use a 12MP sensor, and the main processor will be the insanely fast Snapdragon 845.

The QHD screen of the smaller S9 will 5.8 inches, staying the same as the S8, while the onboard RAM will be 4GB, with either 64 or 128GB of storage. The bezel around the edge of the screen will most likely be exceptionally thin – what Samsung call the 'infinity edge' – and we can say for sure that the S9 will be waterproof, possibly even possessing an aqua-phobic coating on the screen to make water slide straight off.

For the S9+, it seems that everything stays the same, with the exception of a 6.2inch screen, dual 12Mp cameras on the rear, and up to 6GB of RAM inside. The battery will also be slightly bigger at 3500mAh, over the S9's 3000mAh.

All-in-all, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are shaping up to be a world-leading flagship smartphones. Regardless of the speed and power, we're mainly looking forward to being able to play online mobile games or watch movies and tv shows on that super-crisp screen, while snapping photos on what many think could be the best smartphone camera ever. However, although much of the above has more or less be confirmed, there could still be a few surprises in store when Samsung reveal the device itself on 25th February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Here's hoping.

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