30 January 2018

REVIEW: Midland G5C Radios

Coming in, loud and clear

If you think your smartphone can do it all, you're well off, son. As cool and as useful as modern phones can be, with WiFi and Bluetooth and mobile data, there is a lot to be said for the simple two-way radio. Although you might not have seen a pair of walkie talkies since films from the '80s with kids going on adventures, they still hold their own when compared to other modern tech. We review one such pair in the shape of the Midland G5C Radios.

This set from Midland features a pair of PMR446 walkie talkies. Unlike other radios of this power and range, the G5Cs are tiny, at just 3cm wide. They are also very light - lighter than your smartphone - and simple to use. Included in the box is the pair of radios, two sets of rechargeable batteries, and two charging adaptors. Decent.

Seriously, we were surprised at how small these things are, with both sitting comfortably in one hand. The interface is also very simple, with the main PTT button on the left side, and only four other buttons on the front. These allow you to change the channel, lock the keys, and also enter Babysitter mode.

This ability is something of a major selling point of the Midland G5C Radios, as it opens them up to people who typically might not be all that interested in walkie talkies - parents. Set up, Babysitter mode essentially makes the pair one-way radios, broadcasting constantly from the 'child' radio to the 'parent'. The benefits of using these over the likes of a WiFi baby-com include range (up to 1km indoors - pretty big house, that), lack of lag, and price. Oh, and setting them up like that took about 20 seconds - try that with your new WiFi gadget.

Outside, the effective range of the Midland G5C Radios more than doubles, while in a completely open environment, with no buildings or steep mountains between them, the range can hit up to 10km - or so Midland assure us. We never managed to get them that far apart, but can confirm that, even in a built-up urban environment, that 2km plus range was solid.

The Midland G5C Radios boast a port for adding a headset, so they can be used hands-free, and the belt clip on both comes in handy there. Essentially, these are do-anything tools, and although Midland might be pushing the babysitter mode and the teeny size, they could be useful absolutely anywhere and in all situations - both serious and fun.

If you're looking for a simple but effective baby-com solution, while also wanting to recapture your youth of repeating "Roger. Over and out" to your best friend who lived across the road, the Midland G5C Radios could be for you.


Available from www.nevadaradio.co.uk

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