31 January 2018

NEWS: Kentucky Fried Drone

The chicken flies again

Just a month after we reported on KFC's weird, completely unnecessary internet-blocking tent, the chicken fryers are back, this time with a drone. KFC customers in India can enjoy a limited edition box of Smoky Grilled Wings that comes complete will all the elements you need to build a DIY drone. Obviously.

Apart from the chicken, which kinda gets overlooked by this weird marketing stunt, the box contains motors, a battery, a circuit board, rotors, and the body of the drone itself, which looks like wood in the video. You then connect to the drone via Bluetooth (from a KFC app, we assume) to fly it around. We're guessing that KFC aren't keen for you to do so in the restaurant itself.

If this sounds fun, get yourself to India this week. There seems to be no plans to expand the promotion to other territories, nor could we find any details no the actual price of the box. Still, as KFC continue to pull vaguely interesting PR stunts, we'll follow with interest.

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