30 January 2018

NEWS: Nissan make self-parking slippers. No joke

Not while you're in them, unfortunately

Car maker Nissan are so proud of their ProPILOT Parking system on their vehicles, which sees the car do all the difficult maneuvering and parking for you, they've put the same technology into... well, other things. Opening a new hotel, called the the ProPILOT Park Ryokan, Nissan invite guests to stay and have random objects drive themselves around and put themselves where they belong. Including the slippers.

Cushions will park themselves, TV remote controls will also do the same, and the sight of the slippers neatly lining up by the entrance is a tad freaky. Still, from what we can glean this looks like an actual hotel with rooms and staff. And moving objects. Like a safer, friendly version of Poltergeist.

Hats off to Nissan for the marketing trick, and knowing that their automated parking system can handle lots of little shoes somehow makes us feel more confident that it can safely do the same with a full-sized car and human occupants. Question is, when will they replace the people working there with automated parking robots? Deep.

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