19 January 2018

NEWS: Nintendo Labo adds cardboard elements to your Switch

Lo-tech fun

Who would've thought a games console could be so versatile? Although the Nintendo Switch is known for being modular and portable, the new Labo range of games and programmes will take that to a new level. The games themselves will ship with sheets of cardboard that fold into various accessories, transforming the elements of the Switch into little playthings and instruments. Behold:

Seriously, check out that piano. There is so much going on here that its often hard to catch a glimpse of how the Switch's Joycons and tablet are used, but we really like the look of the Hexbug-like vibrating robot. There is also a fishing rod game, some kind of weird house, and what looks like a motorcycle handlebar controller.

The piano build looks pretty full on, and we're hoping the cardboard Nintendo use for Labo is rugged enough to survive longer than a week. Still, this is a very innovative way of expanding the functionality of the Switch system, and we're excited to give it a go.

The first sets will be available in April.

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