19 January 2018

REVIEW: Loot Crate 'Explore'

Explore this.

Loot Crate time once again, and unlike our previous reviews of the geek-friendly subscription boxes, this time we're writing it. With words. These words, in fact. This review is of the December 2017 box, which landed on these Britannic shores just recently. Its name: Explore.

Although being British means we get to see the contents of the latest Loot Crate box two weeks after most other international reviewers, we were still pretty excited.

Nothing to report on the outside of the box, and the size seemed to be same as the past two we've received. But...

... it seemed like there was a lot of empty space in there once opened up. That usually means that one of the items is of a higher value than normal, reducing the overall number of stuff. First up, the t-shirt.

If we're being honest, after two other Loot Crate reviews, the t-shirts are the only thing we give a shit about. Like the others, this is well-made, 100% cotton, and features nice printing - from Destiny, if you hadn't already spotted.

It's a great fit (we get the Large) and although we're not all that bothered about Destiny as a thing, its a decent t-shirt. But, will it be the highlight? Next up is...

... a Halo thing. Apparently there are few different versions of this particular item doing the rounds, meaning the one you get is totally random. This Loot Crate Screen Shot features two characters from Halo squaring up, blasters raised.

The included figures (no idea who they are, sorry) are actually identical moulds with different paint jobs. They are solid resin-like plastic, and feature decent detail and colouring. Each slots into the base which carries the weight of both well.

It seems like most of the value of the box is in this item, which is okay we suppose. It's just that... BIG HEADS?!? Why do all collectables need to have big f&$£ing heads? Last month's box featured two of the bastards and we're sick of the sight of big headed versions of game and film characters.

Next up is a small 2018 calendar featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy. We couldn't give a toss.

Next is the pin, something that we've not been at all enthusiastic about in the past. However, this is actually pretty cool, probably because it doesnt mention Loot Crate or feature Loot Crate's logo. It's a classic retro space rocket and we think it looks nice as a general 'I like SciFi' pin. More like this please, LC.

Finally, something of a saving grace. This Star Wars comic book probably also carries some of that value, as it seems like a large and well-assembled graphic novel. It's a Rey story, set in the new trilogy era, and is actually quite cool.

At 40 full-colour pages this is decent, and will be a joy for both fans of Star Wars and comics in general.

Oh, and this month's box doesn't fold up to make anything. It does have a Star Wars logo inside, though.

So... Loot Crate 'Explore'... what do we think? Well, this is a vast improvement over what we got in 'Unite 2.0' last month, but we can't help but feel that £24.99 is still a tad too much for what you actually get. If you love absolutely all types of geek media and games, you'll probably like everything, but for those with focused and unique tastes for this kind of thing, it feels a bit like a waste of money.

We like the t-shirts, though.

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