14 November 2017

NEWS: Flying Thor's hammer actually comes back

Possess the power of Thor.

Thor has one or two advantages over we mere mortals, mainly the fact that he's all god-like. Because of that, he can just call upon his great hammer, Mjolnir, and it will come flying to his hand. Well, it seems that YouTube inventor Allen Pan is attempting to copy Thor's style with his own flying, returning hammer. No god powers here though, just a drone.

By building a light surround to a micro quad, Allen was able to give the impression that the hammer is actually flying - away from him, then back to his hand. Check out the video to see him fail and crash the hammer (crash a hammer?) many times, until actually catching it. To be fair to him, he's flying the drone with one hand and catching the shaft of the hammer with the other, so not an easy task.

If anything, this is a more impressive feat that actually being a god, because gods don't have to build anything, or wire up a drone-controller glove, do they? Lazy gods.

Check out more of Allen's build on his channel, Sufficiently Advanced.

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