13 November 2017

REVIEW: House of Marley Positive Vibration Headphones

Buzzin' cans.

No matter how you listen to music, from tiny earbud headphones plugged into your phone, to huge over-ear noise-cancelling Bluetooth cans hooked up to an enormous home entertainment system, you should definitely own at least one pair of simple, functional, and reliable headphones. We're talking wired, compact, and comfortable: he kind that you grab when you just need to hear some tunes right now, without having to worry about them being charged, or connected properly, or at a certain frequency. We're talking about the House of Marley Positive Vibration Headphones.

These are probably the frilliest of no-frills headphones we've seen in a long while. The House of Marley Positive Vibration Headphones are wired, featuring a standard 3.5mm connector, emerging from the left can. They are on-ear headphones, meaning the cushions sit directly, yet comfortably, onto your ears, suspended on a flexible headband. We would describe the colours, but they come in a respectable choice of styles, varying so much that each pair looks like a different model of headphones entirely. That we like.

The pair we were sent were of the Blue Hemp style, and we appreciated the tasteful blend of pastel blue and cream. They just look great, like headphones that cost a hell of a lot more than the £30.99 that the House of Marley website currently has them listed for. So yes, these are a frickin' steal.

The 50mm drivers work well to produce immersive and crisp sounds, and again, as we were listening to them, they reminded us or far more expensive headphones. Bass reproduction was strong and smooth, while highs and vocals clear. The House of Marley Positive Vibration Headphones aren't going to knock your socks off with sheer power, but they are going to leave you very satisfied after a long listening sesh.

As well as music, the headphones also handle calls (if you're plugged into your phone). They feature a built-in microphone so your the caller can hear you, and we found it worked perfectly well.

There isn't much else to say about the Positive Vibrations, and we think that is a good thing. They are simple, but not inconsiderably assembled. They represent excellent value money, and we've seen headphones of this calibre weigh in at a lot more and look a lot less stylish. For a reliable, sturdy, and gorgeous pair of cans that you won't be that bothered about damaging at the bottom of your bag, we heartily recommend these.


Visit www.thehouseofmarley.co.uk

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