15 November 2017

FEATURE: November's Kickstarter projects to watch

Best and weirdest

Let's dive right into the rabbit hole that is the mass of currently-running Kickstarter tech projects. To get in on the ground floor with tomorrows big technology products, back one of these babies. This month we have a games console you code yourself, a camera mount that follows you around, and also a robot you can cuddle. Yay!


This is a handheld gaming device that kids can code themselves. Using either drag-and-drop programming, or a laptop to mess with the code directly, they can create games, run tasks, and set it to run alongside other connected tech. Powered by a Raspberry Pi, the Pip looks to be versatile and plenty of fun.

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This is a cuddle robot, basically. Well, the actual intention of Somnox is to improve the quality of your sleep by regulating your breathing, playing soothing sounds, and giving you something soft to cuddle. The Somnox rises and falls just like a human chest, which will make your body mimic the movement, improving your breathing rate. Which although that sounds creepy, could help fight insomnia and disturbed sleep. So definitely not a sex robot, then.

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This is a connected telescope designed to work with a smartphone app and be up 1000 times more effective than traditional telescopes. eVscope uses a large mirror and a low light sensor to get fascinating images of the cosmos, instead of an array of lenses. As well as being controlled by your app, you can also take instructions from SETI to look at a specific object in the sky, therefore meaning thousands of people across the globe can contribute data to make discoveries. Which sounds pretty awesome.

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This sounds really cool. As well as being a camera stabilising gimbal mount, Taro can also track a fast moving object, keeping it constantly in shot. This means that you can could film something or someone without even looking at them, as the Taro would track a small sensor on the subject. You could also use it to film yourself – going fully hands free and having the camera move with you. See, very cool.

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Migo is the world's smallest portable 3D printer. As well as being wee and light, it can also print very finely detailed objects, and do so quickly. The Miga features WiFi so can be controlled by the app on your phone while you're on the other side of the planet. Why you'd want to do that, we don't know, but it does look really cool, and a 3D printer that kids could carry around, set up, and then use sounds great.

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