5 September 2017

REVIEW: Vorwerk Kobold VG100 Window Cleaner

Let there be light!

This week we've mostly been peering out of our windows in wonder, marvelling at all the many sights to see outside of Test Pit Towers. We've been doing that because being able to see through our grimy windows is a complete novelty, and its all thanks to one particular gadget. This German company has impressed us before with this vacuum cleaner, and this robot, and now they've done it again with the Vorwerk Kobold VG100 Window Cleaner.

Just like the Karcher Window Vac that we reviewed ages ago, the Vorwerk Kobold VG100 Window Cleaner is a hand-held vacuum cleaner specifically designed for use on windows and other glass surfaces. Unlike the Karcher product, the VG100 is an all-in-one, one-stroke bit of kit, meaning it will both clean and vacuum your windows at the same time.

Compact and surprisingly light (considering the chunky looks) the Vorwerk Kobold VG100 Window Cleaner is battery powered and features a simple on/off button. You merely pour a little of the included cleaning solution into the removable reservoir, top up with water, attach the washable micro-fibre cloth to the underside, then hit the power.

Starting from the top edge of the glass, you apply a little pressure then slide the whole thing downwards, letting the cloth (with the solution having soaked through to it) clean the glass and collect the grime, while the trailing edge sucks up the water, eliminating streaks. The water tank carries enough to clean about 20m² of glass, so should serve your whole house in one go. If not, just top up and continue, as the Vorwerk Kobold VG100 Window Cleaner has a battery life of about half an hour.

Once done, you can plug the cleaner into the included wall charger, pull off the cloth, and drop it into the washing machine for next time. And by Christ, does it make all the difference. We were expecting a very similar product to the Karcher Window Vac, but with that you have to first scrub the windows with a cleaning agent, before running over them again with the vac running. With the Vorwerk Kobold VG100 Window Cleaner each pane of glass takes just one gentle pass, and large patio doors are done in under a minute - no mess, no streaks, no worries.

Also, as it can be used on any glass surfaces, we've tried it out on a glass coffee table, and also on mirrors. Again, it worked a treat, removing built up dirt and dust that you might not notice until they're gone. We were surprised by how much extra light there was once we'd done all the windows (inside and out) throughout the house. Being able to whip this out, fill it up, and tackle the entire job in minutes was great, and something we could imagine doing on a more frequent basis, due to the ease of use.

Compact, easy to use, and simple to clean, the Vorwerk Kobold VG100 Window Cleaner provides excellent results quickly and efficiently. Love it.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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