6 September 2017

NEWS: Build your own deadly crossbow. Yay!

Apocalypse now, please.

We're big fans of German craftsman and weapons expert Joerg Sprave and his Slingshot Channel on YouTube. Whereas Joerg usually builds fascinating ways to kill someone, from a gas-powered arrow launcher, to beautifully crafted slingshots, for his latest video he answered the challenge of one of his viewers: build a working, deadly crossbow using wood you find in the forest and nothing but traditional hand tools. And by Joerg, he did it:

Despite being as low-tech as a crossbow can get, the finished product is still very usable and very capable of killing someone. Yay! He tests this by shooting a bolt into ballistic foam; a substance that mimics the thickness and resistance of human flesh. Joerg's guide to build the bow could come in handy if you're ever stuck in the woods being chased by wolves, or if civilisation crumbles and its every lone, weapon-making nutjob for themselves.

Check the rest of The Slingshot Channel for other builds of interesting and down-right terrifying weapons.

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