13 September 2017

REVIEW: MysteryVibe Crescendo Smart Vibrator

We're heading downstairs...

Okay, try not to giggle your way through this review, as we're checking out a very sophisticated bit of kit intended especially for your downstairs junk area. Yes, this is a vibrator - a sex toy - but one that really caught our eye thanks to the unique design and the smart connection functionally. That's because, thanks to the MysteryVibe Crescendo Smart Vibrator, you can now use your phone to have an orgasm. Score.

First up, the vibrator itself. The MysteryVibe Crescendo Smart Vibrator might look like a conventional phallus sex toy, with a curved silicone body that is completely waterproof. However, get to grips with it and you'll discover that it can bend along six points of articulation. That means you can shape the Crescendo into whatever form you need for wherever you might be sticking it - regardless of if you're a woman or a man.

But it isn't just the customisable shape that is impressive, as each of those separate bending sections has its own vibration motor. Even without hooking up your phone with Bluetooth, you can turn the MysteryVibe Crescendo Smart Vibrator on and cycle through several pre-programmed vibration patterns, where each motor will work in a set sequence of different speeds and intensities. You just need to be able to reach down to press the little buttons on the vibe. Or...

Use the app. The MysteryVibe MysteryApp can be used to further personalise the patterns of vibrations, and you can either cycle through them 'live', with your fingers on the phone, or preprogramme a new sequence. It will also react to your touch in real time, so as you run your finger tip over the image in the app, the toy will vibrate accordingly. Thanks to the shape and the modified vibrations, each MysteryVibe Crescendo Smart Vibrator will therefore be different depending on what gets you juiced up. A truly personal sex toy.

Although this seems like a great way to spend some alone time, the fact that the app essentially works like a wireless controller for the vibrator, means you could always pass it to someone else. The MysteryVibe Crescendo Smart Vibrator is a fun couples toy, and as the form factor can be altered between 'playt imes', its like using a different toy each time.

Another innovation is how the toy charges. Included in the box is a wireless charging pad into which you plug a standard Micro USB cable (also included). You simply drop the Crescendo onto the pad and charging will instantly start. Nice. Plus, it saves having to open the vibrator up to change the batteries, or have USB port - both of which could easily become dirty after a few uses.

Its no surprise to see why the Crescendo has won so many awards and the positive recognition it has, as it genuinely is a simple but effective smart device. We were impressed by the functionality of the app and how personal the device can seem once modified to your particular liking, but we were also glad to see that it works straight out of the box without a smartphone connection. Because, you know, when the urge takes you, you can't be bothered to wait the extra ten seconds to set up Bluetooth. No, just us?


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