12 September 2017

FEATURE: Autumn jackets for men

Get your jacket...

That's it, guys; the summer is dead. The sun no longer shines as brightly as it did last month, and people are increasingly giving you weird looks as you pop to the shops in just your swimming trunks. To fully embrace the autumn you need to dress appropriately, and that is why we've assembled five men's jackets perfect for the unpredictable autumn weather.

EDZ Yeti Fleece Jacket

Is it a fleece, is it a jacket? It's both, you bitches! This furry number from EDZ makes for a perfect autumn outer jacket, as it is thick and fluffy, but not too heavy. You can pack it in your bag and head off, knowing you can whip it out if the temperature falls. Plus, people will just want to hug you while wearing it. Because you'll look a bit like a giant Elmo.


We reviewed it in this feature.

Weird Fish Boyne Macaroni Jacket

We're big fans of Weird Fish's signature Macaroni sweatshirt, and this one is an excellent choice for the autumn. Unlike many Macaronis, the Boyne features a full front zip, letting you take it off like a regular jacket, and helping to regulate your temperature, should the sun make a sudden reappearance. It is fleece-lined and features zipped hand pockets on front. Dead comfy, like.


We reviewed it in this feature.

Helly Hansen Daybreaker Half Zip Fleece

Simple, light, and easy to pack up small, this zipped fleece from Helly Hansen is the perfect bag-stuff jumper for unpredictable autumn days. It is as simple as fleeces get, but still made with HH's expert precision. It is insulating despite how thin it is, and very veeeery soft and comfortable. If you're prolonging the summer as much as possible by heading out in only a t-shirt, make sure you've got this in your bag as a backup.


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Fjällräven Kiruna Padded Jacket

In case of a sudden cold spell, make sure your winter jacket is good to go early. The Kiruna Padded Jacket from Fjällräven is tough, very well insulated, and also rain and wind proof. That double zip up front will stop even the sneakiest of draughts getting through. Definitely one for walkers and hikers tackling a trek or two before the winter sets in properly, but smart for around the city, too. Pricey, mind.


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Jack Wolfskin Manitoba II Softshell Jacket

If that crazy Swedish jacket is just too much, and you don't plan on going any further than Starbucks until the spring, try this from Jack Wolfskin. The Manitoba II Softshell Jacket is a great everyday coat, being light and thin, but also rain and chill-proof. We like the hood and zipped pockets, and also the fact that it is so light it won't take up much space in your bag should you want to strip off. Just the jacket though. Okay?


We reviewed it in this feature

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