14 September 2017

NEWS: Rocket + knife = fun

Good clean fun.

We pride ourselves on introducing you to amazing YouTube channels that we like (other than our own). Our current fave has to be the work of David Windestal, a Swedish RC expert with a knack for building incredible things. Such as a knife that is propelled by a rocket. Yay!

Although David's YouTube channel has typically been filled with FPV and build videos of his quadcopters and drones, recently he's been slicing things to pieces with his Rocket Knife; literally a razor sharp combat knife fired along a rail by rockets. Behold one such episode:

Nice. He's also chopped a chicken, a Barbie, an old Swedish phone book, an iPhone and many more things. There's a good use of slo-mo in the videos, but David himself is instantly likeable; like a an overly enthusiastic (and a bit nuts) mad scientist.

Anyway, check out his Rocket Knife videos and also check out his other stuff - including an FPV video of an RC plane that went to the edge of space and back.

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