11 September 2017

REVIEW: Family-safe Sugru

New glue for you. Yahoo!

Ever heard of Sugru? Regular visitors to the site would have, as we've reviewed it and featured it several times over the past three years. In a nutshell, Sugru is mouldable glue that sticks to any surface that can be shaped into any shape to perform pretty much any task. From sealing your bath, to making a camera grip, there's nothing you can't do with the stuff. For examples of what we've done in the past, check out this drone modification, and this Centriphone repair. So why are we looking at it yet again?

Well, Sugru is now back with a new formula, and this one is even safer for all members of the family to use - kids too. New Sugru (New-gru?) is also safer on your skin, so even if you spend 30 minutes delicately moulding your piece into a tiny little sculpture, you won't have any skin complaints. Sugru have also redesigned the small packets each individual 'serving' comes in, making them far easier to open than before - something that used to require scissors.

We were sent an eight-pack to test, but the new formula also comes in cheaper packs of three. The colours we got seem to reflect the new kid-safer formula, with two bright blues, two reds, two yellows, a black and a white. This offers a good choice when you're tackling your repair or project, and you could also blend colours to make different shades.

The new Sugru feels slightly different to the touch too; like it is softer straight from the packet, and less pasty. It seemed to be easier to mould, especially when pressing it into smaller spaces like cracks and gaps. However, it still cures like the older Sugru, so you have about 45 minutes of moulding and kneading until it starts to set. Then, about a day later (depending on the thickness of your finished project) it is the same tough rubber-like substance perfect for use as impact-absorbing stoppers. It's waterproof, heat-resistant, UV-proof, and electrically insulating. Nice

Check out sugru.com for inspiration about ways the stuff can be used.

12 pack £12.99 (available from 20th September 2017)

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