12 September 2017

NEWS: Nipple-stabilised skiing is now a thing

Come on: shirts off, skis on!

What would make a hand-held ski video infinitely better? How about stabilising the footage on one of your nipples? That is just that Jake Alewel did after a recent ski trip: he took off his shirt, set off down the slope with his GoPro, and later centralised the film on his boob. The results are... unique.

We love it, and to be honest we've all watched it several times over. Why? because there is something inherently mesmerising about staring at a nipple which seems not to move, as the person and world around it moves very quickly.

The video had already gained almost 1,000,000 views at time of press - such is the world's fascination with Jakes' nips. Question is; when will this become a thing that people just do. We can't wait for the first female version. Wahey!

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