11 September 2017

NEWS: A levitating hot air balloon lamp? Want!

Up, up, and away!

You might have heard about magnetic levitation being used in high-tech futuristic modes of transportation such as the Hyperloop, but it can also be used for fun. The Float Lamp, currently seeking backing on Kickstarter, is a hot air balloon that really floats and lights ups. TAKE OUR GODDAMN MONEY!

Using magnets, the Float Lamp hovers gently above the hardwood base, turning slowly with the breeze. The light isn't very bright, so this would work well as a nightlight, or just as something to start a conversation in your office. Conversations starting "How the %$"£ is that floating?!?"

However, as cool as it seems, it is missing one vital component. If we back the project to secure our own (delivery is estimated from February 2018) we would immediately pop a pilot in the basket; perhaps a little Victorian-dressed LEGO man. Just an idea.

Check out the Float Lamp, and back it today, at www.kickstarter.com

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