10 September 2017

FEATURE: Five pairs of tiny headphones

Size doesn't matter.

We all love to have a decent pair of headphones, but beefy, high-spec, over-ear cans are not the most practical tings to carry around with you. If space and weight are pressing concerns, especially when travelling or commuting, we've gathered five pairs of well-performing headphones that take up next to no space in your bag.

Jabra Elite Sport

What's smaller than just the buds? If you'd like to free yourself completely of wires, consider the Jabra Elite Sport. These truly wireless earbuds come with a hard carry case that doubles as a portable charger. Designed more for sport than everyday use (although they work just fine at that, too) they sound excellent and actually stayed in our ears, too. Which is always nice.

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Jaybird Freedom Wireless

By far the thinnest and lightest of the headphones on this list, the Jaybird Freedom Wireless are of the kind that use a single connecting wire between the buds, complete with a hub for controls and charging. The Jaybirds were exceptionally comfortable to wear for long periods, and the optional fins mean they stay firmly in place, even during exercise. They ain't cheap, but they sound great.

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IFROGZ Impulse Duo

Possessing a far more inclusive price tag, the IFROGZ Impulse Duo perform excellently well under every day situations. They look great and also have the best cable management system of any headphones on this list, as the wires can wrap around the control and charging hub and be secured by the silicone magnetic clip. Very handy.

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Urbanista Berlin

The most affordable on this list, the Urbanista have, in the long run, actually become one of our favourite pair of headphones, ever. Big claim, but to be honest they are solid, reliable, and as they cost less than £40, you'll never be too precious about them anyway. That said, they perform well, roll up nice and tight, and are comfortable to wear.

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Motorola VerveOnes Music Edition

Another completely wire-free pair with their own charging case, the Motorola VerveOnes Music Edition are a tad chunkier than the Jabra pair, but a lot less expensive. The quality of music was fine, although we did experience occasional disconnection between the left and right earbud. But, for those who hate tangled wires and crushed cans, the twist-closing case is a God-send.

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