9 September 2017

NEWS: The Lift eFoil lets you fly over water

Flying fishes.

Hydrofoil technology seems like something you'd only ever see on a huge ship, but - with enough dough - you could be commuting down the Thames to work on one, thanks to the Lift eFoil. This magically hovering board uses an underwater wing-like foil and propeller to lift the board, and you, clean out of the water at speeds of up to 25mph.

As you can see, if looks bags of fun, and it is a real surprise to see how far out of the water the board is lifted, and how smooth the ride appears to be. As they state in the video, riding the Lift eFoil is also entirely silent, and with a battery life of one hour, you could use it to explore along rivers, as well as have fun in the surf.

There is one pretty significant downside, however... the Lift eFoil currently retails for $12,000. Oh well, until the price comes down, you can dream. Find out more at www.liftfoils.com

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