15 August 2017

REVIEW: ORB SPA Vibra Soft Shower Head

Best. Shower. Ever.

Bit of an odd one, this. We've reviewed shower heads in the past, but usually ones that do interesting things to the water, or just look cool. However, this particular shower head is noteworthy not just for what it does to hard water, but also for what it can do to your skin. Prepare for lots of jokes about vibrating gadgets as we check out the ORB SPA Vibra Soft.

This is a shower head. You can replace your current head with it by simply screwing it onto your shower cable, and the water will flow as normal. However, the ORB SPA Vibra Soft has been designed to help soften hard water, so if you live in a hard water area like we do in North Yorkshire, and are sick of the damage it can do to your skin and hair, this will be right up your alley. However, there is more...

The ORB SPA Vibra Soft also features a central removable unit which can vibrate at three varying speeds. Press the button on the back and it will gently vibrate, allowing you to rub it, covered as it is with soft-touch rubber bristles, over your skin, exfoliating your epidermis. Doing so helps to rid your skin of dirt and grime, and also helps with the absorption of moisturisers. But you probably know that already.

What you might not know about is how fun it is to have a vibrating shower head, and this review is being written by a man. We know, the whole 'enjoying the shower head' joke could be well used here, but as a general body massager, the ORB SPA Vibra Soft works great. But is there something we're not getting?

As the vibrating unit can be removed from the shower head (it takes a single AAA battery, by the way) is the unspoken intention that women could use this for other enjoyable purposes? After all, on the other side of the massager unit, by the battery port, is a smaller, more focused collection of rubber nodes. It might just be our simple male minds at work here, but is the whole point of the ORB SPA Vibra Soft just to make even more pleasurable something that many women already enjoy? You tell us.

However, dirty - if totally valid - thoughts aside, there is no doubt that this thing worked extremely well. After just a couple of days using it on our skin (the rubber bristles are completely washable, so its okay to share) we can feel a definite difference. For a group of people who never exfoliated anyway, the results have shown quickly, with cleaner, softer skin all round. And as the hard water levels have been reduced our hair is in a better state, too. And hey, we use a water filter for our coffee, so why not our skin?

So yes, you might have different reasons for wanting one of these, and those reasons we'll let you keep to yourself (but y'know, tweet us! Tee hee), but as an innovative tool in a compact, inexpensive, and and easy to fit package, the ORB SPA Vibra Soft is well worth it.


Visit orbspa.ecocamel.com

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