15 August 2017

NEWS: That holographic table you've always wanted is real

Tony Stark eat your heart out.

If you've ever dreamed of standing over a table as objects and buildings magically spring to life above it (perhaps a representation of the Death Star as you speak to your Rebel friends about how to destroy it), you're in luck. Australian company Euclideon is primed to release the world's first multi-user holographic table.

The 1.5 metre square table features a screen and holographic projectors to create three-dimensional images which appear to have depth. The only catch is that you have to wear special glasses to appreciate the show, but these seems to be thin, sunglasses-like specs, so no chunky VR headsets. Sweet.

However, according to other news reports, these promo images are a bit misleading. Holographic objects won't be about to lift above the outside edge of the table, and users will only see the depth of them by looking downwards. Fair enough we suppose. But, the table will retail for $60,000AU, which is about £36,000. Shit. If you're still interested, the first production models should start arriving by early 2018.

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