16 August 2017

REVIEW: Micro Brix Creative Cases

Bricking it.

Sorry to drop this bombshell, but it's only a couple more weeks until school starts again in early September. You're either dreading that (kids), or jumping for joy about it (parents), but one thing is clear: you'll need some new kit. For stationery with a creative twist, read on, as we check out the Micro Brix Creative Cases.

This is actually two separate products; the Micro Brix Creative Case and the Micro Brix iPhone Case. Both are white plastic things with hundreds of tiny studs on them, allowing you to connect the included Micro Brix to design your own patterns and words. The Micro Brix themselves are essentially identical to Nanoblocks (a set of which we reviewed right here) making them very small and tricky to handle.

However, because the bricks are so small they can be used to make a multitude of shapes and signs, and all the parts are either a single stud or two studs in length. Kids (or, y'know, anyone) can create a personal pattern on the front of the pencil case, or the back of the iPhone case. Also, as the bricks are so small, they fit very tightly and seem to stay put, even with quite rough use.

You get a mix of red, blue, yellow, and black bricks (which was nice as we could approximate our logo) so you should be able to make quite a few different patterns. And you could, if you wanted, use the parts to build 'up', creating something 3D like an actual Nanoblock set.

A tool is included to help you prise the bricks from the surface of the case; one that looks like a perfectly miniaturised version of a LEGO tool. You'll definitely need it too, as those bricks get very firmly wedged on there.

So great for adding a personal touch to your back to school kit, and great also for a general bit of fun. Check them out.

£9.99 each

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