30 August 2017

REVIEW: LEGO Nexo Knights Build Your Own Adventure Book

Suit up!

We're back in LEGO territory today, but a very special part of that territory. We've reviewed both a Star Wars and City LEGO book from DK, with both containing not only a minifigure and small build, but also a hardback book filled with building ideas. This time the Nexo Knights take a turn, as we check out the DK LEGO Nexo Knights Build Your Own Adventure Book.

Just like the previous two books, the LEGO parts included with this set can build only the specified thing - not everything you see in the book. That is why there are only 60 or so LEGO pieces, but they go toward something quite special. With the included Robin minifigure you can build a pretty awesome Nexo Knight Battle Suit; a LEGO mech. But more on that later.

The book itself contains 80 full-colour pages that are crammed with ideas and inspiration for Nexo-themed builds. Just as we noted with the previous DK LEGO books, you or your kid will probably need a healthy stash of LEGO already to fully enjoy the book, as some of the ideas are quite large and advanced. If you already have a few Nexo Knights sets to harvest for parts, you'll be fine. Just make sure this isn't your kid's first ever LEGO set, okay?

The ideas are awesome, by the way. Not only do they expand upon the already well-established Nexo Knights universe, but they are also a great way to teach some creative building techniques. Although hover horses and holographic wizards might be typically Nexo, there are also ideas for cottages, workshops, and stalls which could be used in any LEGO world.

But... Robin's Battle Suit. Although it is created from a very small amount of parts, the finished product has several points of articulation and also a working weapon. The front armour plate folds down to reveal a spot for Robin to stand, while the arms, legs, and waist can all be adjusted to find a suitably heroic pose. 

The gun is one of those quick-fire stud shooters (you twist the black Technic axle on the rear - yes, they include spare studs), and the Battle Suit uses the Bionicle hand parts so it can hold something with a Technic pin - such as the included shield. It is a great small build, and we actually prefer it to the vehicles and characters included in the Star Wars and City books.

So, a perfect sub-£20 gift for a LEGO fan, especially one who has built up an interest in the Nexo Knights line of sets. The Book is great and filled with genuinely clever ideas, while the build is a nice added extra, be it for play or for as a display model.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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